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  1. From the album: Ptaah

  2. From the album: Ptaah

  3. From the album: Ptaah

  4. From the album: Ptaah

  5. Hopefully it's going to work from now on. Thank you for your effort!
  6. There's something wrong again as I'm not receiving notification e-mails.
  7. I would like to introduce you to a great plant - probably one of the best H. minor var. minor clones out there. I love its' colour, the lid, and most of all - extremely short inner hair giving plant the appearance as if it was created of some delicate and exclusive cloth. The name "Velvet" feels about right here :) I'm sure my plant has still much potential to reveal. Heliamphora minor var. minor "Velvet" (Cerro la Luna)
  8. Couple shots of H. folliculata (Murosipan Tepui) - good looking species but growing mostly horizontally for me which I don't appreciate very much as it occupies too much space in terraria :)
  9. My Pogonia plants look mediocre comparing to this! Extraordinary! Do you treat them the same way as Sarracenia?
  10. This time I'll be presenting plants originating from Cerro Neblina. Some of them appeared earlier already but I feel that the update is needed. Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina) This is Wistuba's clone. I have no further data on it. It's amongst the most solid parva clones in my collection in terms of growth speed. Note the highly variable nectar spoon sizes on each leaves. Newest leaf has the biggest spoon. Heliamphora ceracea (Cerro Neblina) I simply love this species as it's so unusual and pretty in its' simplicity. My plant has exceeded 20cm in height and stays this way for the time being. Heliamphora x [ceracea x hispida] Its' newest leaf has much wider opening than the previous ones. I feel that this plant has much bigger potential to reveal in the future.
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    From the album: Ptaah

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    From the album: Ptaah

  13. From the album: Ptaah

  14. From the album: Ptaah