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  1. A few specimens from Mike's open day. :) A Someone even fancied a dip in the pond! Lol
  2. Thanks Trev. So there are going to be lots of people tormenting their vfts!
  3. I don't think it matters as long as it's measured flat against the front of the trap.
  4. Cool! The flower is very interesting. The mutant trap is quite rude looking....
  5. Hannahraptor


    Ayup! Welcome aboard. I give it a month before you have doubled your collection (a least). :)
  6. 2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition. The biggest trap competition has returned! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be announced. Prize donations welcomed. Please PM if you're able to help. The competition is open to anyone worldwide but the prizes can only be sent within Europe. Please read the rules carefully before posting. The rules are: The trap must be photographed parallel to the camera, with a clear plastic ruler (in millimetres) in front of the trap, the trap is to be measured across the side just below the teeth, the teeth are NOT included in the measurement. As pictured: This picture must then be PM'ed to me, (link in my profile) or emailed. A second picture must be taken without the ruler and sent to me the same way. If you prefer to email your photograph, please PM me for the email address. I will post all the measured pictures on the thread on the closing date so we can see who the winner is. Pictures must be taken this year. You can enter as many times as you like. Competition ends September 30th. May the biggest trap win! H
  7. Just a few shots from the greenhouse. Still quite a lot of colouring up to do. I will try and add the rest of the labels to the pictures this evening. Oreophila sand mountain x Flava atrop blackwater Oreophila sand mountain x Flava atrop blackwater Kent Carnivores Darlingtonia Inverse vein catesbai S. Moorei “Brooks's hybrid” orange clone (Ipx33) Oreophila Sand mountain x Flava atrop blackwater clone 1 Oreophila Sand mountain x Flava atrop blackwater clone 1 'Asbo' 'Asbo' F102 MK 'Leah Wilkerson' 'Helen Mary' 'John David King' 'Praetorian Guard' 'Praetorian Guard' 'Mutant 1' 'Archangel' H24 SFVF F42 M5 x Flava var. ornata x F35 (MK) x flava var. ornata 'Horyna' Wilkerson Red x Wilkerson Red (Rubra Alabamensis x Rubra Jonesi) and SF81 Rubricorpra x ornata (Insektenfang) Wilkerson Red x Wilkerson Red (Rubra Alabamensis x Rubra Jonesi) and SF81 Rubricorpra x ornata (Insektenfang) Typical Cephalotus 'Pinkish top' L111 'Red stripe' 'Goldie' 'Timothy King' 'Timothy King' 'Timothy King' 'Timothy King' 'Elizabeth Aydon' 'Elizabeth Aydon' 'Whale throat' 'Whale throat' 'Whale Throat' 'Whale Throat' 'Pink Thing' 'Splatter Pattern' Seedling 11 Seedling 1 Seedling 1 'Cooper Vase' H326 ISE Hybrid (MK) and 'Copper vase' Seedling 2 Seedling 2 'Helen Mary' 'Helen Mary' Seedling 3 Seedling 4 'Alucard' 'Beryl' Seedling 5 Seedling 6 Seedling 7 Seedling 8 Seedling 8 'Beetles Bonnet' 'Johhny Marr' 'Johhny Marr' 'Johhny Marr' 'Skywatcher' 'Skywatcher' 'Beetles Bonnet Son' F55 MK Flava v. rubricorpora x flava var. ornata (insektenfang) 'Arthur Wheeler' 'Arthur Wheeler' Seedling 9 Seedling 9 'Ruth Realff' Ornata 'Potterton and Martin' & M Ornata 'Potterton and Martin' F102 F102 F190 ' David Richardson' 'Esme Cowlard'
  8. Yep. Recently potted up a couple of mine and they now have new growth points. :)
  9. I use small aquarium gravel for top dressing. Seems to work well. :)
  10. Good to know and nice to make the connection. :)
  11. I bought Tank 2 from 'thefriendlygiant' on ebay earlier this year. Hopefully the real deal.
  12. I see Mitch Brooker is active on facebook again. On Matt Soper's post.
  13. I missed it too so great to watch it. Thanks chick :)
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