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  1. I know. Have had to get rid of a few spares to make space. Lol
  2. A few more photo's. New additions in the greenhouse from Gardeners world live, courtesy of Matt Soper.
  3. 2017 Tallest pitcher Competition. I thought we'd have a competition for sarra fans too. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be announced. Prize donations welcomed. Please PM if you're able to help. The competition is open to anyone worldwide but the prizes can only be sent within Europe. Please read the rules carefully before posting. The rules are: The pitcher must be photographed with a tape measure as pictured below. One close up and one showing full height with measure. Tallest point on the pitcher (no bending the lid to make it taller ;): This picture must then be PM'ed to me, (link in my profile) or emailed. A second picture must be taken without the ruler and sent to me the same way. If you prefer to email your photograph, please PM me for the email address. I will post all the measured pictures on the thread on the closing date so we can see who the winner is. Pictures must be taken this year. You can enter as many times as you like. Competition ends September 30th. May the tallest pitcher win!
  4. It could be because I cheated! The larvae are an alien invader, so I thought it was probably ok to provide a snack whilst filming. :)
  5. I think you should just call it 'the nameless one'.
  6. He did. He goes to Stephens open day.
  7. Very niiice as Borat would say. :)
  8. Lol! I'll be really worried if they outgrow the sarracenia!
  9. South West Giant enjoying a lunch of the alien invader harlequin ladybird larvae.
  10. I'm guessing these little chaps are happy. They seem to have been going forever! Drosera pygmy scorpioides
  11. Hannahraptor


    Has it gone somewhere?
  12. :) I look forward to the day it's available.
  13. That's an interesting looking vft. How long have you had it? I'd be interested in one of the offspring if you ever have a spare. :)
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