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  1. Well I hope to ever be in your area someday to see your collection first hand. At your permission of course.
  2. Wow, Joseph...a framed shot of that pot of 2 esseriana could grace the cover of multiple plant periodicals. The color variation from newer leaf to older and more time spent in the lighting is just fantastic! You still are the ultimate good excuse for growing pings under artificial light 24/7.
  3. favorite is that last one. Something about all those upper pitchers reminding me that the Nepenthes plant is such an elegant member of the CP world. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Either way in interest of morbid curiousity, well let's call it science, will you keep in there to see how much is left over after a period of time? I am sure it won't look much different with most of what we see too much to be digested but the soft tissue will go and the water will blacken.... Still I am curious.
  5. Thanks for that reply Khelljuhg. If that old volcanic pumice is only found near Japan...then I am sure it is expensive to find imported around Europe. But, I do like the look of it.
  6. Hey Maurizio, nice setup! How long has all this been up and running with the plants from the pictures?
  7. Agreeing with Stephen that it is a monocot and thinking it is more of a lily or iris I looked it up and found this Clintonia borealis Blue Bead Lily (pictured below but link is to webpage where found) that is close...but I think the leaves on this one are much too pointy for what is pictured above. I am curious so I am going to keep looking maybe I will come across it. If you find out, do keep us posted.
  8. Well, as the medium for the D. cistiflora pot, I only use a kind of soil called 'kanumatsuchi' in Japanese, which we have traditionally used for growing plants. Thanks Khelljuhg...I thought it was unique. I did a google search of "kanumatsuchi" and could really only find a few references to it. Among them I was directed to your Drosera Forum and found someone asking the same question getting the same reply from you. So, what are the secret ingredients for "kanumatsuchi"? I couldn't find much about that.
  9. Khelljuhg, your Drosera are looking great! What are the mix proportions used for the D. cistiflora in that third picture?
  10. Haha, truthfully I haven't noticed the obsession. If you just say each month has 30 days and multiply by 24 hours, then multiply again for 12 months you get a total of 8640 hours in a year. If you total your info above you get 1365 hours of sunshine. That gives Manchester 7275 hours of clouds in an average year. ugh.... how's your suicide rate?
  11. Haha, my figures were from a news report that reported a study of several years in the Pacific Grove area of California. The fog rolls in there very frequently and and if you were to count the days WITH fog and compare it to the days of the year WITHOUT the fog you would see that Pacific Grove is covered in fog 70% of the time. I am sure it is cloudy in the UK, but I would hope you'd have more sunny days than just 30% of the year. Right? Or is it really that bad?
  12. yes, and spathulata too! Although both of those Neps are tougher for a beginner to come by, at least in my neck of the woods, I will take both your word for how easily they grow. Thanks Gardenofeden and Manders! I tend to shy away from placing Heliamphora in the same category as U. livida, my earlier example, but instead of leaving Helis out of the list altogether I will take your advice, and my experience with H. heterodoxa, and place it on the least as at least the most beginner of the genus Heliamphora. So, thanks for the addition, Flycatchers! --List updated--
  13. Thanks for the additions, Yoss! I think I will leave mirabilis off the list, not because it isn't easy, but because it isn't quite as easy as say, N. alata. (Realistically, as a whole, the genus Nepenthes aren't complete beginner plants. They require more attention then say a submersed pot of U. livida that would grow anywhere. ) Manders, thanks for the 'gentle' parentage and also for the vote on N. mirabilis.
  14. Awesome! Thanks guys. Changes made. I added it, but I haven't grown it before. It seems to want D. rotundifolia environment and unless you consider the winter dormancy the difficult part...I assume it is a good beginner's plant. If someone disagrees with us I will remove it.
  15. Thank you, Sheila for your additions. Having not grown most of the Sarracenia I wasn't 100% sure, so thanks for your advice there. Anyone else with a free moment, If there are any more plants I really should add to the list please let me know. I really appreciate any help in keeping me from forgetting any or simply leaving some out because I just don't know.
  16. Hey guys, I want to create a quality list of CPs that are best for beginners, so I am going to need some help. Here's what I have so far, please add to the list if you have any in mind:
  17. D. pulchella in my experience are very hardy and good for beginners.
  18. Yes, as long as it's bright and warm you should have NO trouble getting the venusta seeds to germinate. My tank is sprouting unwanted venusta seeds all the time.
  19. It's nice to get an idea of your setup from this perspective. Nice pics and nice neighborhood, Sean.
  20. Very impressive purchase! How have they been this winter and have you taken any more pictures?
  21. Are your conditions dry and how much light are you giving the plant?