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  1. Still looks like fungus to me, and even though it wiped away doesn't mean it is gone for good. Hope you didn't spread the fungal spored too much cleaning that up in case it is fungus. I'd recommend you watch that plant, it probably is going to come back.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. What I am planning to do is attach to the plexiglass by screws a piece of wood that would provide structure to attach the hinges. When replacing I would have unscrew the wood piece and the hinges. This is more work than sliding, however, I prefer that the method of opening the growing chamber to access the plants be a simple swinging cover rather than having to slide the plexiglass in and out. What I plan to do after everyone's suggestion is start with plexiglass knowing that I am testing it out versus glass. Basically making a good run with plexiglass to see how
  3. lol...I don't think cultivated mangroves need to have that type of environment. If they do though, I'd give up right now about "saving" that mangrove. It just is out of its element in a pot. But, man, I sure do love mangroves in nature. Awesome trees!
  4. Thanks for the recommendations for glass. I certainly have to go look for glass options before the plexiglass, but should I go with plexiglass, I would enjoy not having to fear broken glass in this room. You know, if I bump it or etc. The way this is set up the glass front will be moved alot and unless the glass is real thick and heavy it will be a very dangerous action of moving a 2 foot by 4 foot sheet of glass up and down. Imagine if I let it slam down too fast?! Haha, at any rate I will look into the cost of heavier glass, but if I have to go with thinner glass plexi still seems li
  5. The neps will outgrow the chamber, and I will deal with that when they do. But, I plan on cutting them back and enjoying them for as long as I can in this setup. Things will have to be sold or given away. But that is fine by me. After these plants I can try the neps you suggest and get the best of all worlds. As for temperature drops. I am going to wait until the chamber is made to record the actual temps and decide from there. For all I know, I could have quite a drop in temp each night. On the other hand, if they don't get the ideal drop in temperature they will adapt and/or grow s
  6. Odysseus

    Odysseus' plants

    Nothing yet but an avatar shot from on old plant, but my wife has given in and I will get my chance to grow some plants again soon once the growing chamber is built.
  7. Again, THANK YOU so very much for your time in providing feedback from both of you! Enjoy your weekend!
  8. You know, I wonder how comparable an equal sized sheet of glass would be. If it isn't that bad I would rather have glass. The $20 for the Plexiglass makes it seem not so bad when the inevitable happens. Although with my care it would likely take a year to be unusable but you are wise to remind me to look into comparing the same in glass. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. My wife has finally given me the okay to go ahead and grow CPs again! But she has limited me to one single tank. With that as a guideline I am planning the biggest tank I can make and still be able to grow a good variety of beginner CPs in 4 inch or greater individual pots using the tray method to water them. I look to only grow VFTs, hardy highland Neps, Drosera in a large tray sitting on a pedestal closer to the light source, and some other easy to grow varieties. (See below for the plants I am hoping will make it in this chamber.) Hope the pic is easy enough to read on all your screen
  10. Great pics. Funny how much of a weed the D. burmanii can be.
  11. Fantastic cistiflora! Love the fuzzy look of the dew.
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  13. Agreed! Great pics as always Alex! Then I saw the bical and great turned into awesome. Hope I have the hothouse some day for one of my own. Thanks for sharing! Your pictures threads could never have too many pictures.
  14. For anyone wondering. The emptiness in the upper seats is simply because it is halftime. You can see the band out in formation for the halftime show.
  15. As beautiful as it was and as much as I loved being back in that country, I suppose I can no longer claim Leiden, Netherlands since I am a few months over my year mark. Sigh... Although, I am in a perfectly beautiful location now nestled beneath the Rocky Mountains in Orem, Utah. The main drawback to here is that it is desert territory so the humidity levels are low - none. So, I have to grow all my plants in terrariums. Unless with amazing luck and/or attention to the plants needs I can harden the plant to survive the environment. The stadium you see there is for the BYU Cougars and b
  16. Interesting information. Being a wannabe Dutchie, I take pride in learning that.
  17. Hey Mike, That leuco looks young. Do you find that your really white leuco get more red with age? Will this leuco mature that white without the red veins typical of a leuco?
  18. Thank you, Sarraceniashawn for your Tuberous drosera edition. I added it. @ Avery You make a great point. What I am hoping with this list is to simply name those easy to keep alive plants when given minimal attention in relation to other CPs. I understand that easy to grow is almost synonymous with "windowsill plants" and depending on your climate the choice of "windowsill plants" will grow or shrink. But, this "beginner" list is meant for windowsill, container, greenhouse, or terrarium alike. What my plan here is, is to name carnivorous plants that are easy for beginners who are goin
  19. Thanks Pesiolino! I have added N. eymae to the list although I have never grown it and if anybody finds that this plant is only "easy" to grow in certain climates I may take it off the list of "beginner" Nepenthes. Thank you for the feedback!
  20. You're welcome. I am very impressed by that blue color! I will need to look up that lens to understand how you did it but thanks for the fast reply. And keep taking those pictures!
  21. That U. floridana pic is great! How did you take it and did you make the bladder blue in photoshop?