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  1. If you dont get a temperatur drop at night I wouldnt bother with N.glabrata since it grows at an altitude at 1600-2100m.

    Same goes for N.tentucalata (1200m - 2500m)

    Yeah, I checked it last night and not a tremendous drop at all. Really it stays high, 80s day and 70s night. So like you said lowland Neps are better suited for how the temperature in this tank has turned out.
    Why dont you try some small growing lowland nepenthes instead? like : N.campanulata, N.tomoriana ,N.bellii ,N.danseri to name a few.
    Yeah, those are great additions and I think I will go for them, not just because of the apparent warmth in this tank but because they will stay lower growing. Thanks for the time on this Jimmie!
    And if you want to keep D.prolifera - it needs high humidity. I keep mine at 90%. D.pauciflora is a southafrican sundew which grows during the winter, just like D.cistiflora.
    Yeah, good point on the pauciflora, I dropped it from the list. Better to keep it simple.
    Drosera extrema - you mean Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema? D.binata are nice sundews, but some say they need a dormancy period. I kept some without putting them into dormancy for some years and they did quite well. I traded them for other plants a few years ago.
    Yeah I did mean Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema, looking ad D'amato's book I see it in a pic on page 42 and saw that at least for him it is one forked sundew that is working for him in a tank. He wrote it there without the "binata var. multifida f." just Drosera extrema. I should have fixed that for my list. Sorry. :)
    Heliamphoras basically need higher humidity. I only know from my experience that H.minor can be grown in lower humidity conditions (50-60%) but it's growth was very slow.
    Here was another error on my part, I got this list from talking about a growing chamber I was going to build that WOULD have been lower humidity. This tank has major humidity and is 70% through out the day and up to 90%+ at night.
    I suppose that even in Utah, VFT's and capensis will do well on a windowsill if the soil will be kept moist
    I started out trying this method but even with water they didn't do well, PLUS the lighting situation was really poor then and is EVEN worse now. I currently live in a basement apartment with no brightly lit windowsills to use. So I have to stick with the lights and tank strategy only unfortunately.
    Oh didn't notice the hygrometer on the picture. I've got a dark display and it looks like turned off. Yes, 79% is sufficient!
    Awesome. Glad my humidity is more than enough, sorry for not lightening up that image but taking a pic of the moment's current conditions as shown on the hygrometer was the whole point of the picture I attached. :wink:

    Thank you both for your time in answering this here! Made some adjustments to my list based on your feedback.

  2. In this case, I likely won't get a cistiflora.

    Like I said above, I included my whole wishlist but I recognize that some are not compatible with this tank setup and would have to be in different conditions in order to work.

    I was more curious if anyone had any opinions on the tank's current environment and probably shouldn't have added that list in the post. I just made the last minute judgment to throw in my wish list to see if any could enjoy this tank and if in order to grow more of them if I should drop the temps or humidity.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Moof.

    I live in a bit too dry a climate (Utah, USA) to succeed in not scorching VFTs outside, so I have to settle for tanks and I know that it isn't ideal but they are still really fun to grow here.

    I just put up my wishlist, not necessary that ALL of these plants live in the same conditions, I was just curious about my conditions and figured that leaving a message wondering about my conditions meant nothing without providing an idea of what plants I would want to grow in here.

  4. Hey all. Here is a pic showing my terrarium conditions. It is a bit warmer than I expected it to be and perhaps a tad higher humidity than expected. From my wishlist below, what would you advise me concerning how appropriate any of those plants would be in these conditions.

    I may even have to help tamp the heat and humidity down, let me know what you think! :heart:


    Please let me know if you believe these conditions are stretching it for any of these plants off my current wishlist:

    Larger pots in back:

    N. ventricosa

    N. tentaculata

    N. maxima

    N. ampullaria




    Middle size to larger pots:


    D. capensis

    Byblis liniflora

    Mexican pings of any variety

    U. reniformis (always wanted to grow one, but probably do fairly well being a tropical Utric.)

    D. extrema

    N. glabrata

    Cephalotus (Haven't grown one before, but I assume Ceph would like the temps and humidity level if kept around 25% but maybe stretching it here with lighting.)

    Small pots in Drosera water tray on pedestal nearer lighting:

    D. aliciae

    D. prolifera

    D. falconeri

    D. macrophylla

    D. ramellosa

    D. cistiflora (will enjoy a larger pot when older)

    D. pauciflora

    D. paradoxa

  5. Well things have changed since this last post. I was able to locate a large tank to use as my terrarium so I had to buy a whole new stand for it in order to accommodate its 4' length.

    My brother-in-law found this tank in a secondhand store for $50 which was tremendously low for such a big tank! Tank is 4 feet long and 17 inches tall about 15 deep.


    I cleaned it up and added mirrors to the back, sides and bottom. BIGGEST drawback to this tank is that stupid cloudy glass piece stretching the middle there.

    I wanted to cut it off but it is pretty well caulked on there and seems to give the tank its solid structure. I will just hope it doesn't cause too much light issues. I know, not ideal.


    So to accommodate the larger tank I got rid of the last entertainment center and found this one through an online classified from a local resident selling hers for $20.


    I tore this thing up! Sawed out the middle wall, took off the glass door and the roll-up wood slat cover and added three 2-bulb shop lights.


    The three shop lights hold 2 40 watt T12 6500K daylight bulbs. So with 6 total and closely setup over the tank, I expect the lighting to be fine.


    This is the finish product! Now all I need to do is buy some plants to fill it with. :Laie_98: (Oh, I realize I didn't have the drawers back in place for the pic, but they are there.)


    I am so stoked to get back into growing some plants! I got to get myself a lid for this tank - plexiglass most likely - to keep the humidity in but other than that I am set to grow some CPs again!

    It has been almost 4 years since I grew any CPs. I started in 2003 and moved more and more and progressively downsized my collection until I had nothing left in the move to the Netherlands. Been back to the States for almost three years now and I haven't been able to convince my wife to let me grow again. Now she has finally warmed up to it and I feel VERY lucky she did!! :P

    Thanks for checking in on this. Looking forward to having plant pics some day. Have a good weekend all!

  6. Jan. 16th Saturday - Building my Growing Chamber

    Ok...through a compromise with my wife I have had to temper my plans down a bit, I am still stoked that she is allowing me to do this but this is much smaller than I had hoped. I have found a suitable structure for me to use. This is a simple entertainment center meant for TVs and DVD collections, but at $25 from a thrift store it was a cheap option for an initial structure. There will be plenty of growing space if I take advantage of it correctly.


    To summarize all my dimensions above: this is roughly 4 feet wide, 3 and a half feet tall, with only 15 inches of depth.

    I can either use this entertainment center setup to attach lights over some tanks, or I can build in some growing chambers with mirrors, glass, and waterproofing caulk. But, to be realistic, since this is just cheap particle board I wouldn't really want to invest too much work into it, so without changing anything, only adding lights, I am more likely going to just get some tanks to put in these spaces. Now, I can go with a big tank and one little one, or even:

    Three Tank Option:

    I could have three separate growing chambers with the potential for differing conditions. Here are the dimensions of the three spaces:

    Largest growing chamber: 23" tall x 29" wide x 15" deep

    Taller than wider chamber: 23" tall x 17-18" wide x 15" deep

    Long and low chamber: 14" tall x 31-32" wide x 15" deep

    The benefit here is that I won't have to do anything but work in some lights. I can easily find two tanks to sit in the top spaces. A tall 20 gallon and a larger 30-40 gallon. I wonder if 15 inches will be too shallow for those tanks to rest sturdily. But all in all, this setup is the fastest way I can get going and have plants growing in no time. The most difficult part will be the unique lighting dimensions, but 6-inch florescent bulbs can be attached all over the top if that is going to be the best solution.

    Then there is the....

    Big Tank Option:

    If find a way to support the structure without it, I could knock out that middle wall in the upper section and make use of the full 4 feet length. I am disappointed that I only have 15 inches of depth to work with here, but if I can make it 4 feet of space to spread out I could be ok with it. Plus the ease of placing 4 foot long tubes of lighting I could be fine with the lack of real shelf depth.

    Using the large space to grow several similar climate plants, and then using the small long chamber below as I have mentioned in the paragraphs above isn't a terrible setup either. Here are the dimensions if I did this plan:

    Largest growing chamber: 23" tall x 46-48" wide x 15" deep

    Long and low chamber: 14" tall x 31-32" wide x 15" deep

    So, any thoughts on which is better for this particular situation?

    One large growing space plus one small - or - not messing with a good structure and having smaller but three separate growing spaces?

  7. Odysseus : I'm coming from Eigenbrakel (15km below brussels)... Sure than we have the best frites of the world. That gives hungry just thinking about it. :happy:

    mmmmm---I am at school right now at 1pm and I AM hungry so the thought of frites is killing me :D

  8. Yeah, no T12s yet. But one of my old setups had T something in there but not the thinner t12.

    Thanks for the added emphasis to getting plants in there the sooner the better. I am mostly concerned about being too over-anxious (since I am 4 years removed from growing my plants now) and getting plants ordered during a terrible time to ship. Especially with the cold right now.

    But, on another note, my wife has FINALLY come to an agreement on where I can put some plants. It is not a setup AS big as detailed in my original post, but it will be pretty close.

    At least it will be 4 feet of growing space with 2 feet from base to lights. So it will be a fantastic setup that I have longed to have again :D

    I will keep this thread updated as I prepare it complete with cost for any US resident interested. WOOHOO! :sun_bespectacled: I am finally getting a chance to grow some plants again!!!! :D

  9. Thanks for the feedback! :thank_you2: I will gladly edit those two plants in once I narrow down the purpose of this list as MFS has brought up some good points.


    Let me start with your last quote first:

    This seems more like a list of easy CPs to grow than a beginners list?

    That is exactly what I have intended this list to be actually. I have always thought of this list as a list of CPs that are easy to grow and figured that was synonymous with the phrase "beginner CPs". I am open to renaming the list if it needs better clarification.

    With that in mind let me reply to the rest of what you said:

    How about agreeing on what constitutes a 'beginner CP' first?

    I think they should be:


    -In plentiful supply, preferably in garden centres

    -Easy to grow

    Personally, the price of the CP isn't necessarily an important factor to consider for as the Beginner Heli can be a lot more expensive than a VFT. So I am not as concerned, in my humble opinion, with the cost of the CP as it varies anyway as much as I am concerned with how easy it is to grow.

    Supply is also a rough qualifying factor as what is in your garden centers won't be in mine. In fact, out here in Utah I used to find VFTs and Sarrs easily a few years back and now I can't find any. The fad passed I guess.

    Easy to grow is the one condition and only condition I was considering for this list, but I am open to reworking that with your help. :)

    It might also help to make a sub-list of recommended plants for beginners that only contains a few plants, then a larger list of easy CPs to grow.

    Not sure what you mean. I already consider this a short list of beginner plants. Has it grown too large?

  10. Welcome! What part of Belgium? The Vlaams side by chance? I used to live on the Vlaams side myself and just last night took my wife and parents and some friends out to a Frituur nearby that has authentic Suikerwaffels and Frites. :thank_you2:

    Glad to have ya here at CPUK!

  11. First off, thanks to the couple above posters for their suggestion for the list. I will add them soon once I get an opinion on what Aidan mentioned here below years back.

    The list is currently a mess and someone would need to volunteer to clean it up first.
    I know Aidan is long gone from the community, but are their any other experienced CPUK forum moderators that could give me an idea of what Aidan was referring to?

    The list itself, in my humble opinion, is listed cleanly and easy to read. So I assume he was dissatisfied with many plants that are on the list. Knowing that "beginner" plants is far too vague and impossible a term to really narrow down I was open to adding anything anyone recommended that others didn't have a big deal with.

    I was hoping the list would police itself with other members pointing out the complication of calling a certain plant a "beginner" plant or not.

    I have no need for this to become a FAQ, but I would like to make it a QUALITY list since my signature links to it and I would hope it helps in some way.

    Any feedback on what is messy about it and where I can improve it so that it may BENEFIT the community is greatly appreciated. If it really is of no help, I gladly accept that reality and will move on from pubbing it in my signature. :D Thanks in advance!

  12. t 12... I have no expirience with them.. how are they??

    Sigh...wish I had some feedback on T12s for you. But, my wife's little brother moved in to our place last January 09 and quickly nixed my plans. :D He has since moved out but my wife is pretty adamantly against having such a large tank plan in our house so I will have to rethink a smaller, even more conservative plan.

    Hey Odysseus - someone from Israel posted his project here last yr I think. He used 1" styrofoam for walls and base with a plexiglass front.

    Cool design. Something for you to consider.

    That is an interesting idea, Cas! I am looking for a cheaper solution to getting my wife on board and that would be a cheap option. I fear the look of the styrofoam will turn her off to it, but the cost-cutting might balance that out.

    I will have to update this if I can get a new plan rolling.

    Quick question for anyone in the know who has looked into this: Being January. If I hurried some plans together, let's say I could receive plants as early as February, would it be best to WAIT until Spring to buy some plants that don't need a dormancy period or risk dead leaves from the cold shipping and get some as soon as the tank is done?

    I should be able to make an educated guess on this, but I am extremely bias as my hunger for growing again is blinding me too much and I need an outside opinion to keep me doing what would be best for the plants success. :wink:

  13. I have only ever grown VFTs in tanks and to be honest....my plants never do as well as VFTs that have a true dormancy period in the cold months. I got stringy tired plants after every one of their first winters with me.

    Honestly I had a break in growing and am in my current "wife-enforced" CP growing break right now, so I haven't had VFTs for a consistent enough time to experience TWO winters in my tanks. So I can't speak with real authority. :D

  14. File worked just fine for me on my mac. ;)

    Don't have the $50+ american I would need to join everyone in purchasing this product, but may I suggest dropping the Comic Sans for the final version? :smile: Call it a personal preference to avoid comic sans.

    Pictures look great albeit most are pixelated but perhaps the final version will have remedied that as well. Thanks for considering doing this project! Books of CPs in nature are always needed and will be an absolute in my library should I get the extra cash on hand someday. :biggrin:

  15. UPDATE

    4 feet long and 2 feet deep was a really hard dimension to find in existing IKEA-like home furnishings. Rarely does anything stick out from the wall more than 18 inches.

    Needing a solid base for my growing chamber and one my wife would support, I have decided on a Kitchen Base Cabinet. I spent months eyeing the classifieds for a cheap one to buy, and finally have located one.

    Starting January 10th I am going to be building this grow chamber and will begin updating this thread with the photo journal of the project. :wizard:

    WOOHOO! I am SO close to be back growing CPs again!!! :cheers::good2: