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  1. Odysseus, the first step/threshold is at 1500€. It keeps on until 12000€.

    Oh good! I am glad it isn't going to end but it does need help getting going. I will send some funds next paycheck. Burning through my wife's good will right now with my current expenses on CPs this last month.

    Paul, exactly what you said! I looked at those pictures of rolling hills surrounding his greenhouses and thought I would give up everything I have right now and move there to work on it. What a CP paradise... :D

  2. epbb,

    I checked out the link and it is for a MyMajorCompany page - a kickstarter like crowdfunding website - that is only asking for 1 500 euro. Is that enough to save this jardin? If the bankers are ready to close it, I find it worrying that the "kickstarter" is only asking for 1 500.

    How dire is the situation?

    From the pics the place looks amazing and I wish I owned it, maintained it and lived there! :D

  3. Thanks, Devon, I think so too. I just may need to house fewer in there to keep things neat. Then put the rest of the gemmae in cups like Richard did, the insulation sounds nice.

    Richard, I do like your point about the cups being a good pot to insulate them. Although, I think in my jar, I will do something with more sand as that worked last time, and looks nicer than 50 peat 50 perlite.

    I just can't recall my old mix ration or if it was all sand or maybe mixed with peat and a top layer of 100% sand.

  4. These are far too young and small to be thinking about pruning. Pruning is usually pretty easy because when the plant begins to get big it'll start to grow vine-like and then there is clear stem between the leaves you can just cut like any other plant. It is better, but not essential (on established plants) to wait until the plant has formed basal shoots since the plant can seamlessly direct it's energy into those growth points rather than stopping to form a new one (or more).

    They don't have 'basals' as the plants aren't much more than basals themselves. A basal shoot is exactly what it sounds like: a shoot (that is, an additional and initially smaller rosette of leaves) growing from the base of the plant (sort of like suckers).

    Hypothetically, if you were to "cut them in half" or just the growing point off the top the plant will be mostly unharmed (assuming it is happy) and produce multiple offshoots resulting in slower growth and smaller pitchers as the plant's resources are shared between overcrowded growing points -at least that's what happened to my little N. hamata. Then again if space is tight you might prefer that but I would suggest you let the plants settle in for a year or so before experimenting with with scissors.

    Ordovic, thanks for the reply.

    I was definitely not planning on cutting these plants yet. I was just asking in advance, for what I need to do in months to a year from now.

    Basically, if everyone said these will not be able to be pruned I was going to change the plan right now and get a larger growing space sooner.

    The rest of the information in your post was great and I really appreciate the advice!

  5. Haha yeah! I bet a year from now when I am removing gemmae off these dozen or so plants, I will be feeling it. And feeling glad I went with something with a large mouth.

    So Richard, how did you set up your pygmies? Did you put the gemmae on the soil with the smooth side face up or the growth point? What soil mixdid you use?

  6. These are among the toughest of all Nepenthes! "N. x ventrata" is an intermediate species with regard to the best conditions for it. But it can handle ultra-lowland conditions thru to ultra-highland conditions for longer than just about any other species/hybrid.

    I have never cut a Nepenthes that only had a single growing point. I'm under the impression that you can shock and thus kill said plant--it takes a couple of weeks or more for a node to activate and start growing. However, I'm also sure that it will sometimes work without causing an issue, I just look at like you would be playing "Russian Roulette" with the plant.

    Well, right on then! Looks like I have an easy mode Nep then and I will wait patiently for a second growth before cutting back. Here in months when it finally needs it.

    Seriously! Thanks to all who helped me with this! Really appreciate these forums!

  7. Interesting, Manders.

    Someday when I get my home and have a property to put a greenhouse on, I looke forward to learning what 2-3 feet vines look like. I wonder if the experience will be the same as yours, where basal shoots will be readily available long before I need to do any auxin theory type manipulation.

  8. Thanks all for the reply, I am very much a newbie in this because even though I have been growing for years, I started one year into my marriage and I was still at school. So I made moves to California from Utah and was required by my wife to downsize, then our move to the Netherlands required me to give away my plants to a friend in California.

    So in short, my time growing Neps has always been indoors under lights in tanks and always for less than a year.

    To see if I am understanding this correctly:

    • Don't need to prune back until they are older
      • Although, I am wanting to prune them back when they reach the top of my terrarium independent of their age

      [*]A trick available is to manipulate the shape of the plant using the Auxin theory where you cut it down all the way to the below the rim of the pot and it induces no dormancy because you stopped the auxin supply that was keeping the dormant nodes dormant.

      • ​This trick can successfully cause multiple nodes to start growing that were not and give you larger plants faster.
      • However, while this does seem useful in my tank to cut all growth back if it does encourage larger growth faster it may be counterproductive as I want to keep these a manageable size in my terrarium.

      [*]Some can even be cut about half way down the stem

      • Top half can be planted as a cuttin
      • Bottom half will grow a node at your cut (hopefully)
      • success of this depends on the Nep

      [*]If the plant ALREADY has a basal shoot, then it is EVEN safer to cut back because it has something to focus on.

    Do I have those tips correct?

    The plants in question are still months away from needing it and are simple hybrids (perhaps N. alata hybrids) that you get from an American garden/home DIY store.

    Here is what they look like if you are curious, and please see if you agree that they both are N. alata hybrids. And if so, what do you think their chances of having basal shoots or being able to grow a node if cut at the middle?

    Thanks a lot for coming to my aid!

    Lowe's Home and Garden Center vendor Neps, rescued from a flooded palette back in November:


  9. UPDATE:

    Long story, short: My wife wasn't very keen on the costs so I settled on something cheap from a secondhand thrift store to get me what I need.

    Originally was debating between a 12inch $24 and 16inch $40 Bubble ball vase, but like I said, price was a bit high and wife trumped me.


    So I settled on this cookie jar, which is still plenty of space for the gemmae to grow into nice Pygmy Drosera and am stoked that it has a big enough mouth to allow me access to the plants if I make the soil line 2/3 up the jar. Add a plexiglass cover to hold in humidity and separate the dry heat of the lamp from the plants and I am ready to go!

    Please don't mind the water droplets, I gave it a good rinse before I put it in the dishwasher to really sanitize it from any contaminants.


  10. The link by Loakesy doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have an idea what that Thread was called? My searches aren't pulling anything up and I am trying all avenues before starting a new thread.

    Basically, I just want to know how best to prune my nepenthes. I have a couple in a tank that WILL grow to the top glass and I wonder what options I have to trim them back without needing to remove them from the tank.

    Unfortunately, I am an under-lights Grower here in Utah as indoor and in tanks is the easiest way -- minus a greenhouse -- to grow CPs in the Utah Desert air.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hello

    Drosera are within the illuminated by a neon terrarium turbo 2x80watts.Les pots not soak in water. watering is over.

    Lucien, do you have any pictures of that setup? It would be great to see the lights above your tuberous drosera and the space they have to grow.

  12. Yeah been seriously considering that myself. Or getting a plastic goldfish bowl that I cut.

    Maybe some candy dish would work out....

    I would want the top to have airflow. I would put a plexiglass lid on top though between the light and the bowl. Last time it was just a small circular cut plexiglass lid and I think I had a drilled in hole in it too.

  13. Thanks, Devon! I am really excited to get another one going again.

    The only question right now, is how do I avoid the issue of not having access to the plants because of the small hole at the top of the bowl. So I have been looking around for options.

    Kinda wish there was a bowl plastic or glass, that had a flat enclosed or open area at the top for the light to shine down through but had a seam across the "equater" of the bowl where I could pull off the top half and have easy access to tall of the plants.

    Looking around I haven't found anything yet unfortunately. Might just need to for the goldfish bowl again.