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  1. You are missing the part above where I said: "Definitely make sure people are being alerted to a fire immediately." and that I said I would still start the fight against the fire "on appropriate outbreaks". In my scenario, I was trying to stop a smaller fire from becoming big. I wouldn't risk my life saving the building, just like you said I would move people out who didn't know the classroom down the hall had a fire. I even have a life experience I can point to in order to vouch for that. My house caught on fire when I was in High School, after our attempts to put the closet fire out, that
  2. I totally agree with this. Definitely make sure people are being alerted to a fire immediately. I also agree that you should use the fire extinguisher from a safe distance on appropriate outbreaks. And not need to wait for a faculty member. If I was in that situation I would definitely act to put out the fire, I wouldn't be comfortable waiting for others to arrive without doing something. Will that get me hurt in some situations, possibly, but I would rather act and not stand idly by.
  3. I am sorry to see that the nanny state has reached Australia....I suppose the only place I can live in peace from the nanny state is in blissful ignorance. One day I will have a greenhouse and when I cross the threshold into that greenhouse I will block out all of my boiling frustration with the nanny state, lawsuits that have ruined small business and the path to "equality" through bringing everyone DOWN to an equal footing instead of bringing up those lagging behind for whatever reason they have. Ahhh a Greenhouse full of Nepenthes will be my sanctuary indeed..... Wait, what is the poli
  4. Okay, I see what you mean, Paul. I worded my sentence poorly, what I should have said is: "While Paul is saying that the focus on 6500K doesn't matter as much as a broad spectrum could, I will simply say that you will have success growing with bulbs that are only 6500K spectrum. I can vouch for it." And again, wojtek, your friend recommending a setup using 6500K bulbs mixed with some of a higher spectrum than 6500K sounds like it should work great. I recommend trying it out. I certainly am not trying to say one should only use 6500k bulbs. Just that anyone who DOES only have 6500k will hav
  5. Either is fine. I haven't found that one grows plants and the other doesnt. It just depends on your setup and whether one fits it better or not. So entirely up to you. While Paul is saying spectrum doesn't, matter, I will simply say that you will have success growing with 6500K spectrum. I can vouch for it. I haven't used any bulbs higher than 6500K so I don't know how well or how bad it will go. I imagine mixing them with 6500k will be fantastic. I would go for it. Try it out!
  6. Or maybe people's thumbs accidentally tap those options while scrolling new content? I can see how it would be easy to do on accident if you scroll on the left side of the screen.
  7. Actually I am not referring to wattage, I am curious what spectrum those lights are. The 6500K spectrum is where you want to be for growing carnivorous plants.
  8. Well, if none of those bulbs are at 6500k I am not surprised your ampullaria hasn't pitchered, as you will want 6500k spectrum. I wonder if my wavelength has detiorated over the last six months.... The good news is, plants are growing, pitchering, getting some color so everything by my standards is going great! Paul, what is the light you are recommending? Par lights? Do you have a link to one in specific? Sounds interesting!
  9. Are those bulbs 6500k? If so, likely they are going to be great, and 40cm above the plants is probably the highest you will want to keep them. Bring them closer if you can, and if your lights aren't hot. I have my lights on for a 15-hour photoperiod. Really okay with anything 14-16 hours. Artificial lights make longer photo-periods more beneficial. Feed your plants with any bugs you can get. Don't know Tasmanian sphagnum moss so hope it isn't bad, probably isn't if it is sphagnum moss. Mist only if you notice the humidity levels dropping below 60% for long periods of time. In my tanks it
  10. My bulbs have been fine and going on 6 months now. Perhaps some will die, but I really doubt it. I think bulbs going that early are the exception, not the rule. That said, with how cheap CFLs are, replacing the odd bulb every 6 months is still worth it to me. As for LEDs, I have zero experience with them. Many others would have to help you there. Best of luck!
  11. No offense taken at all, Paul. No worries! Wojtek, I use the lights I talked about above and mini-CFLs like these: http://www.lowes.com/pd_302257-3-26966_0+1z140ll__?productId=3202347&Ntt=daylight+bulbs&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Ddaylight%2Bbulbs%26page%3D1&facetInfo=SYLVANIA Just make sure they are 6500K and at least over 1450 lumens.
  12. I felt like "don't use" was strong, but no worries, I don't feel you are arguing. I checked out the stuff and found some decent prices. Sometimes the prices were high off eBay because they were selling larger quantities than I would need. But from the look of the material I can see why the structure is ideal for reflecting light: I think I am going to get some to put in the top of my wooden box to reflect the light down, as i have been needing to get something setup there. However, for backing my sides, I think I just enjoy having mirrors to see the plants reflected in it. It is really
  13. I wouldn't go as far as saying "Don't use mirrors for reflectors." I would say, "Here is an option even better than mirrors...." Mirrors are great opposed to tin foil, reflective foam etc. And uneven or not, they are just catching edge light loss and bringing it back in. They aren't the only source of light hitting the plants as the lights above the plants are already doing a fine job. Can't see the harm in mirrors, imperfect or not. That diamond pattern mylar sounds great. I wonder what it costs to get something like that here in the US. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Tough to hook you up with Poland / EU specs for light fixtures from my United States perspective, but that High Output Fluorescent was only in the $100 range which is way nicer than the HID lamps and setup which run you up to $1000 if only that. If you want an American-Centric idea, here is something I posted over at United States CP forums. Maybe some of the content in here would help, if you can find equivalent items in Poland. The costs below put me in the $30 range too, so it is my favorite way to go personally: I had a 40-gallon tank and used: TWO 4-foot 2-lamp fixtures from Lowe's: ht
  15. I agree with Paul, the 80cm depth will be the tough part. I use regular fluorescent lamps all the time and love them. They do great and don't plan on moving to LEDs anytime soon. Although, the tech has gotten soooo much better. If you want something still on the cheaper end of HPS or MH bulbs, maybe these High Output fluorescent lamp fixtures are more fitting your 80cm depth issue. http://www.horticulturesource.com/sun-system-sunlight-supply-sun-system-sun-blaze-t5-44-fluorescent-lighting-fixture-4-4-lamp-47-l-x-6-25-w-x-2-5-h--p694/ I use a 2-foot four lamp option for my indoor herb garde
  16. Haha Seriously the Nep suppliers will be reaping some major benefits of your new grow space. Yeah, where I live in Utah is pretty much JUST like most of Southern Idaho. Cold winters and hot hot summers. I just can't grow any CPs outside here, at least any that I have owned. The dry heat waves we get some days through the summer would kill a plant before I got home from work to get the plant back to the shade. Even the shade would be so dry I would be surprised if a plant did well away from good light and dry. So Tanks and greenhouses are our only option. Still have trouble keeping the tanks
  17. Oh awesome! We share Northern Italian ties then. Milano is about an hour drive, is that where you are from? That makes MUCH more sense to me. I was blown away that Neps needed a greenhouse. But I should have paid more attention to Highland Greenhouse. Of course, unless you want to grow only lowlanders it makes you need a shelter. Unlike my situation here where a Greenhouse is a means to trap humidity, yours is a means to control the temperature. And yes, wow, good luck with that in August-September.... The CELdek is an awesome idea, I was misunderstanding the purpose of the water running
  18. Andrew, add me to the jealous list! Interesting CELdek panels, I haven't seen that in any greenhouse I have seen online or in books. I wonder if it is just a coincidence or if it isn't often used. Also, isn't the Humidity in Italy already at a great natural level for Nepenthes? Not debating, I just always had it in my head that if I moved back to Italy it would be one place I could hang my Neps outside. Maybe I have always been wrong about that... I lived in Varese too, so it was northern and not coastal, so I assume the humidity is lower there, but perhaps I am way off on that as well. Ke
  19. Wow three sites even! Okay, well, perhaps a trip to the UK someday wouldn't be complete if I don't convince my wife to either let ME go bog hunting or come with me on a field trip. Would be great to see these plants in person. Brother-in-law is moving to North Carolina for the military so I have already started planning my Venus Fly Trap in the wild road trip!
  20. UPDATED PIC: Added a pipe so I could water at the bottom so I could keep the water level low to combat green growth. Also, some D. pygmae and D. pulchella had a couple gemmae showing signs of life too now. Wooohooo! I am not sure the D. roseana is going to survive. They were brown when they arrived and I thought that might just be normal for D. roseana gemmae, but so far the only gemmae to show signs of life where those that were green. The D. pygmae were also brown, but I believe one of them is showing life. Although, it could just be nitidula x pulchella.
  21. These are great! Wish I lived close to some CPs in nature. Very jealous. I have seen that a Utricularia or two have been seen in Utah Lake next to me, but when I went out looking for some, a cursory expedition, I couldn't see anything. Maybe this summer I will get some waders and wander the murky edges looking for some Utric flowers. :)
  22. This is awesome, Adelae! Going to take some time and peruse this. Thanks for posting!
  23. oooo okay getting rid of them asap. maybe moving them to another pot away from these plants to see what happens before throwing it away. Thanks, Dave! NOTE: I guess this never posted the other night. I have since moved the gemmae that were being attacked and tomorrow I will check during the day to see how they are doing and if any more have the problem too. Plus I will post an updated pic of the jar.
  24. Oops, on the train, things are laggy, Sorry for posting twice!