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  1. Well, I have now acquired two more compact fluorescent bulbs. Each 23w. However, they claim they are 23w with 100w OUTPUT. I don't believe that, or should I? From what I gathered from your advice vertigo...with 27w spiral compact lights, I need to buy plenty to add at least 160w. So, now with my two new lights, and the old ones I have a total 78w shining on my plants. What an amazing different even HALF the wattage needed for my neps make! Immediately the color of the single pitcher my n. alatas came with shined vibrantly! I can can barely understand why I ever thought 30w was enoug
  2. I'm just presuming by Red Giant you're speaking of the "Akai Ryu" VFT. But, is the Red Giant supposedly a different plant? Bigger than 2cm traps?
  3. I use long-fiber sphagnum moss...not live sphag. So, I will watch for it to become drier before I water. It seems I need to water more seldom than I thought. Thanks for the advice. As for the leaves. As far as I know...the hints I can gather from leaves are: (my guesses) Long leaf - too little light Green leaf - good water/and light Lighter green/slight yellow - too little light/water?? Wide leaf - not enough light thin leaf short leaf - too much light? (is that possible for a nep) ; ) Brown - dead. : ) What else can I an amateur learn from you to look for? BTW Thank
  4. Good to know. My young alata's have yet to pitcher and this plant seemed so different from my one already mature pitchered alata. That is good to know, thank you!
  5. : ) From a distance huh...well I usually eat breakfast sitting in front of my tank just staring at my neps, analyzing each growing tendril wondering about the future pitchers. I'll try not to touch them anymore. And thanks for the advice about the Misting. I never would have thought to not mist them. I would've felt negligent. But, as I am starting to see, Neps love to be independent. Of course, I will keep you posted on my neps and let you guys know when your advice worked! One thing, if I am not misting them...they will need to be watered on a schedule. Advice I have heard
  6. Are Hamata the only nep that grow young vibrantly Green pitchers PLUS the spikey Hair on the lid? I have recently purchased a cheap Nep from Lowe's where they acquire it from Gubler's Orchids. Gubler's claims they only sell alata...but this plant has pitcher's more similar to the Hamata than the Alata. I will post a pic tomorrow for any of you who can help me know if this IS actually a Hamata, and if it is.... perhaps Gubler's is a good place to try looking for one.
  7. Thanks! I'll keep the alata at a steady temp. : ) Hey Vertigo, thanks for the 411 on the screw in type. Today I was at the Depot and found only awkward LONG tubes that put out 40w of light. The Smaller, screw-in spiral types are cheap and space efficient. Thus, I now know what I need to buy. Amazing what money you'll fork over for the comfort of your CPs. haha Thanks for all your help again!!!
  8. Great Replies! Thanks. The advice from misting came from D'Amato's book the Savage Garden. However his tank was a 55 gallon. Is your advice primarily for Neps or should I avoid misting for any CP in my 10 gallon tank? What about the night temperature...should it have a heavy drop to 50-60 f ?
  9. Thanks I will try more light. I am glad to know this, Last week I doubled my light to two 23 inch shoplights in hopes of pitchering. Then last weekend I found a poor nep hidden on the lower shelf of a greenhouse sitting in a 2-inch pot with a plastic cup dome covering it. This plant had three dying pitchers and three new with two potentials. Finding this Nep in such little light but equal humidity as my neps made me suspicious. I check this particular greenhouse twice a week practically, so I knew that the nep grew those pitchers there. Bringing it home to safety before the lousy green
  10. MY nepenthes Alata are having trouble pitchering. I would like some pitchers but can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Five Nepenthes Alata, in individual pots, no pitchers have grown on them in the month and a half I have owned them. Humidity Average 87-90% Temperature Average: 77 f - 73 f at night. One shoplight the length of the ten gallon terrarium, and reflective aluminum wrapped around sides to amplify light. One inch vents allow good circulation. And I mist them well in the morning and evening. 15 hours photoperiod. Still no pitchers... NOTE: These Alata began as a wind