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  1. James, On a another note. I see you are using a computer fan for air circulation. Have you found that it drastically drops the humidity levels? I added a small 1" fan to my 10 gallon tank of neps and the Humidity dropped from 90% to 70%. And at the time I yanked it out it was still dropping. I decided on a timer for the fan but it wasn't doing what I wanted only dropping the Hum. levels. I'd like the fan to clear the glass for prime spectation. But, the blasted thing seems to be detrimental to the Hum. Levels more than a help. I heard about a guy who grows his neps, with a vick's
  2. Are the sanguinea supposed to have striped peristomes? Good looking plant!
  3. Odysseus

    Big Traps

    I dunno. The solid tip corner to corner is a long distance! But, isn't that vital trapping space? Could it be considered in the calculations? The healthier and more mature the plant the stronger teeth it has. Perhaps some credit there should be given.
  4. oh! That is interesting. if that's true about Joachim's Hamata. Than it would in fact not matter! Even if I had a clone from Wistuba that created that color of peristome, it would indefinitely turn dark purple or black! Created the need to find it unimportant. At least short lived. Thanks Josh for doing that research!
  5. Thus, in short. You never know what color of lower pitcher peristome you could get off the clones from MT. But, you will of course get a great looking Hamata with those fierce upper pitchers! That's enough guarantee for me! Perhaps though...what if the Wistuba Hamatas are consistent? Such as Joachim's. Any stats on similar peristomes as his plant's? Would you say most likely, or not highly likely but probable? Joachim - Your picture has become an object of lust. Anything specific you have done? Perchance, extra than normal wattage to bring out that almost purple peristome? :)
  6. Odysseus

    Big Traps

    Wow, makes us all long for spring! I'm in! At least as a spectator! I'm curious to see which one has the largest, then I'm beginning the bidding for the first cutting of that plant!
  7. Earlier in this thread it mentions Joachim's plant as a Clone from Wistuba. Is that true? And is the color difference due to light value between photo's? I have never seen the pitcher's of the hamata in life and the Uppers always seem precisely the same in all pics. So, are the lower pitchers any different, such as a different peristome color between clones? If so, does MT have those clones available at the price? Because I agree, Joachim's was certainly awesome
  8. Odysseus

    Nep ID

    Swords, Do you experience root rot often with your new neps? I receive mine in a queer mix and usually repot in a perlite/peat mix. One of my plants is in a pure long fiber sphagnum pot. They all seem to be doing well. However it has only been a month and a half in that soil. If it is pitchering easy would you say it is not experiencing root rot? Or could it still be a chance? Even with one of my neps, a new leaf came out with a half black tendril tip where the pitcher bud is. The pitcher looks like it could form but it is still half dark brown. Is that a sign of root rot?
  9. I just wanted to take a moment and let all of you know just how my plants are doing now! Only 18 days later and now I have NINE pitchers forming! One interesting outcome is that I was sold Nepenthes Alata (spotted form) but it seems that 3 of my plants turned out to be N. Alata RED FORM and the others Spotted. I think it's great! Vertigo -- Thanks to your original light advice I have wonderful looking pitchers and fast growers! THANKS to you all for visiting this Thread!
  10. Canadian gal try a link to this website. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/wb.sherren/photos.htm These plants are common in Europe. Not as much here in N. America. I believe they are right calling it N. Ventricosa x Inermis. The pics I have found match the one at the top. The picture's url you included, looks more like a cross between a N. Ventricosa and Lowii. There is a Ventricosa variation with Lowii called "Briggsiana" that has similar pitchers to the one you showed us.
  11. Awesome. Thanks Vic. I thought it was Ventricosa. Feels good to know that I am already recognizing peristomes! Well, he did buy it in the Netherlands, and it was labeled Alata. Apparently, he didn't believe the label either! Thanks for your help! :)
  12. I was browsing Nepenthes pages and this came from www.Bob-e-site.nl On his webpage he says that he doesn't know exactly what cross this N. Alata is with. Anyone here have a good guess? I would wonder if it is a hybrid of N. Alata x Ventricosa? It seems to have a Ventricosa peristome, but spotted form Alata looks. However, the pitcher is not as bulbous as a ventricosa. Perhaps, three crosses? [/img]
  13. I'm in. Tell me when.
  14. PingMan, Wow! Nice Plants! My Drosera don't look anything like that. How did your Adelae get so red, and yet have long leaves? Is it simply age? I know that my plant will only grow long leaves unless kept in shade. Mike, the winter here is cloudy and full sun is impossible...at least for a matter of hours. Maybe, minutes. Do you think a 78w NEP could suffice? If I did have to do artificial light...PingMAN, What wattage are your drosera under?
  15. I have my adelae in a seperate terrarium. Actually a 1-gallon goldfish bowl. It sits on one of our endtables by the couch. Like you said, it DOES enjoy less light. It grows more and of course longer leaves. But, it seems to have only one healthy looking leaf at a time. Once another will begin opening from the original curl...the healthiest and most recent leaf will begin drying on the edges and wrinkling a bit. Thanks to your advice I have placed my Capensis in my Nep tank with a slight cover. This allows good circulation and traps more humidity. The cover is simply a 3-liter soda b
  16. Only 8 dollars canadian...that's not that bad. Do you find that it aids in the air circulation without depleting the humidity level? I came home last night and found my Humidity level dropped from 87% to 75%. I am not sure how low it is going to go with each day blowing air. And Zongyi, no problem it's a cool sig. ;) Odys
  17. I meant... they DON'T have much dew on them. If anyone out there know what I am doing wrong according to the growing conditions, I would LOVE to know. ThankS!
  18. Zongyi...I mean of course! ; ) BTW Did you make it yourself or is it a collection of others you found?
  19. Thanks...certainly something I'll do in the future with a bigger tank. One thing I have learned for sure, is that every NEP grower ends up with a massive third or fourth version of their original terrariums. I just met a guy with a 90 gallon highland Nepenthes Chamber. It sits in his living room. Cool? I think so. When I get that big, I certainly will go for the aquarium air pumps. For now I suppose my three dollar fan will have to work. Thanks Zhongi. P.S. I love your signature....it's mesmorizing at times... : )
  20. The fan rests next to my one inch slat in the terrariums cover where air flow comes in. I believe that should be the least humid area of the tank.
  21. I have a drosera Capensis and Drosera Adelae.. The story with the Adelae has always been a sad one. She simply was tortured at lowe's before we bought her, and have brought her back to life from thin, dried, leaves. Towards the healing stage of my Adelae I purchased a Capensis. The capensis was healthy. I am pretty sure it still is...but both the Adelae and Capensis have much dew on them. They aren't dry, but they DO NOT resemble pictures of them whatsoever when it comes to the heavy dewy droplets. They both enjoy high humidity 90% or higher...and they don't get misted. They used to,
  22. I certainly agree. But that is only without any knowledge of possible CONS. Is there anyone who disagrees with james and I? Any reason for avoiding a fan in a NEP tank? Or possible things to look for and avoid?
  23. For anyone of you still checking this thread... With my new lights the heat is rising causing 82 f temp or lower. This evaporates of course more water, and is building condensation on my front terrarium panel. I decided to install a light 2.5 cm computer fan in my tank to aid in circulation. What are your thoughts with a fan in a NEP tank? A draft of air bad? At night the humidity drops to 80% and the temp is never lower than 70 f. During the day so far, the hum. is high 90+ at times. Anything to worry about, or was this a good idea? BTW All my NEPS are already beginning one pitche
  24. If anyone is still looking for a Hamata....here is one sight I found. Don't know the Reputation of the grower. Just letting you know if you are interested. http://www.blackjungle.com/Merchant2/merch...Store_Code=BJTS
  25. I understand what you guys mean. Well then, I will keep it this way for awhile and see how they respond! Thank you! My neps thank you.