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  1. PingMan, What exactly did you extrapolate? I have a couple new D. Capillaris and am curious to know how I can make my plants live a little better.
  2. Thanks Hamish. But, I do understand the idea of lower and upper pitchers, and that some have very similar characteristics between upper and lower. What I meant was... I saw a picture of a guy's chamber and he mentioned that he put in some Bamboo recently. Then he commented on how maybe he will get some upper pitchers. Thus, I wondered after I received a tall Ventricosa Plant, if I needed to wait for the tendrils to start curling on their own. I've seen some do that when nothing else is provided to anchor them. Or if it was NECESSARY for me to get Bamboo sticks in order to stimulate
  3. Cool. I'll be looking out for those uppers then. As for my other plants besides the N.Ventricosa they'll need more time. Thanks.
  4. I just got finished over the weekend building my own copy of Jerry's pipe shelf! It is GREAT! My wife loves the fact that I don't have all those plants hanging around my house anymore. They are all confined neatly to one hallway. I should post pics too. Just to give Jerry the feeling of pride. It works great Jerry! Anyone who is interested in building one should. If you are purchasing all the pipe fittings, pipe, and shelf wood from Home Depot it only comes to 23-24 dollars!! That is if the measurements are for a 4ft x 4ft shelf. For those of you that are international...I hope
  5. Good plant. I'll stick to that.
  6. I've looked around for Soil-warming cables and many sites have warned, "Will heat soil not air temperature." I take it, that from your experiences, in a small enclosed area the air temperature did rise... hmmmm Second problem, is that decent soil warming cable is so far only found on UK websites. Here in the states we haven't found one yet. The Uk prices with shipping will be tremendously more than we want to attempt with. So, we went with a small porcelain insulated heating element that should put out lots of heat. We'll try to fan that heat, to circulate through the chamber. Howeve
  7. At what point does a Nepenthes plant begin to grow upper pitchers? Simply Age -- if so what age? or When something nearby gives the plant a chance to wrap a vine around it? I have a Nepenthes Ventricosa (red) that has a stem almost 10 inches high. Could any of those leaves produce upper pitchers if I provided a stick of bamboo or so for it to wrap around?
  8. Are you suggesting a 6-foot long one? Where can we find those at a fair price?
  9. There has been alot of talk about heating. I've checked out a few things suggested here in the forum. But, for those of you with a LARGE growing space...how do you do it? My area is 54f, pretty cold basement. Hoping for a 70f average. CONS of those I looked at: Ceramic Bulb Heater -- Expensive -30$ and up range -- and maybe too much heat! Aquarium heater -- Large tank, can't flood bottom. This item needs a good 14 inches submerged in water, so will it spread enough heat through a whole tank? Lighting -- Those 4 foot flourescent bulbs don't put off that much heat. Mats -- Not abl
  10. Borneo, If you wrote a cultivation manual on Nepenthes I would buy it! So, at least there's one more reason to do it! P.S. I'm jeolous of your career out there with Borneo Exotics. Nepenthes are my favorite CP to grow! I can stare at my Nep tank all day. Take care. :)
  11. Hahaha.... I simply wrote in dutch a long time ago just to tease the idea that an answer to a question I wanted, was replied to in Norwegian. I tried to use free online translation for that section so I could understand the original reply...but it never translated well. :) So, I responded teasing them with Dutch. I have a Swedish friend, but true, we only share a few cognates like any language does. However, I didn't think my reply would lead to several afrikaans replies! I thought it was neat many people here share a second language with me that is similar. Tim, I agree with your ru
  12. Interesting, thanks. I recently received an inch square of U. Sandersonii from a good guy and it is still settling in to the repotting and travel it underwent. So, I look forward to that growth! It's always good to find out that your plant is hardy against low humidity! Now I can free up some space in my terrariums!! :D/ Woohoo! Valuable space there.
  13. I like the flowers of that ping! Nice pic! Afrikaans eh? Mooie taal. Zeker anders dan Nederlands. Toen ik in Nederland en Belgie woonde, veel mensen laat ik het verschil tussen het nederlandse taal en Afrikaans horen. Het klinkt soms duidelijk en makkelijk te verstaan, maar had ik wel mooite mee! Goed, om mijn nederlandse nog een keer te gebruiken! Dag! en het beste! English: Afrikaans, huh? Nice language. Definitely different than dutch! When I lived in the Netherlands and Belgium, a lot of people let me hear the difference between the two languages. Sometimes it was clea
  14. Great! Thanks guys! Hey Pyro, do you ever induce those cold or dry spells to get the Sandersonii to flower?
  15. Three cheers for that! Now, I only wish those books were available out here. Barnes and Noble - my most frequently visited library - doesn't carry it. And neither does Borders.... Oh well. I just need to quit buying plants and buy those books online. It's nice to just go out to Barnes and Noble and read books there for free! (That's how I read D'amato's book the first time. :) )
  16. Sorry. Which way is that? With a terrarium all year round, or just on a bright windowsill with pretty moist soil conditions?
  17. I have been studying on those particular Drosera and consequently been reading Slack's and D'Amato's book. I believe that D'Amato for the sake of brevity simply didn't write D. Binata Var. Dichotoma. He mentions on p. 139 that the "Fork-leafed sundews" are all quote: "Usually referred to as varieties of one species, DROSERA BINATA, their taxonomy is still doubtful. - thus the names of some forms may change. Most...have been used for convenience and have no legitimate value." Thus, I find Slack and D'amato are in agreement. Simply, that - using the list Aidan included - Slack WROTE: D
  18. Particular to the U. Livida and Sandersonii. Two nice plants with good looking flowers. I'm new to terrestrial bladderworts and was curious about a couple questions. These questions could be deduced from the readings I have done. But, I feel like this Forum is such an awesome resource it's worth posting a question about it. 1) Both can be great windowsill plants. Due to their wet soil preference...do they fair well without additional containers holding in the humidity? The soil provides pretty nice local humidity, but is that enough to hold the flower stalks happy in a dessert home
  19. Talen he? Norsk of Svensk? kunnen jullie het nederlandse taal begrijpen? ik weet dat de mensen van sverige het taal gesproken kunnen verstaan. ik vraag me af of het geschreven taal wat moelijker is. ;) nou, wat moet ik doen om jullie te verstaan? want ik wil jullie verstaan? doeg jullie, groetjes uit amerika
  20. Great! Thanks guys! I was hoping you would say bare root and potted has rare differences. Good to know. Plus, good points about buying Ventri and Bical from Wistuba. I should look at others. This is exactly what I wanted from this thread! THANKS! And KlTower, ;) Don't suppose I am european ignorant like some americans. I understand fully that the euro is higher than the dollar right now. But, that hasn't always been the case! I am glad it is doing so well, but I doubt that will ever convince the UK to join. Their pound is still going STRONG! When I lived in the Netherlands I w
  21. I want to order a N. Bicalcarata and N. Ventricosa. They have great prices. But, the shipping to america is automatically 20$. They also say they ship bare root. I was wondering if anyone here from the States who has ordered plants from Wistuba, would recommend them? I trust the plants are great. But, are they worth the 20 dollar shipping? Plus, are there any other things to look out for? Any international plant order papers, I'll need to worry about? Thanks for helping a first timer with Wistuba.
  22. Thought you might enjoy seeing how far my NEPS have come! Thanks to all of you who responded to this thread I have wonderful new pitchers!!! These are Alata (Spotted Form). The url won't allow the pics to come here. But this link should let you in to MY NEPS gallery at yahoo. From there you should see the pics! http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gidgiddon...m?.dir=/My+NEPS There are also a couple pics of how my NEPS began! Then, with all of your advice...I moved them ALL into the tank and now you can see the reaped benefits. The sad part of this is that, these pics are the only way I
  23. Almost a month late, but those Shwarzenegger Smilies are intimidating. Better write something interesting... FUN FACTS: I have moved 27 times. 26 by the time I was 14 years old. At age 19, Instead of calling it a move, I served an LDS Mission in The Netherlands and Belgium! Beautiful countries!!! There I lived in Six different cities, totalling TWO YEARS. 19 yrs old to 21 yrs old. After that I made my 27th move to where I am now. Orem, Utah. Going to school for my Associates and bachelors in Multimedia with an Emphasis in Film Directing. Now I can sleep easy. No more Aidan n