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  1. Heya, Jason! Welcome to the beginning of your CP addiction! You may find yourself growing dozens of carnivorous plants here soon alongside your VFT. Glad to have ya!
  2. Turns out these trees produce some really delicious fruit, and despite not having any pruning done this year (before I bought the house, too late once I could do the pruning.) or had any thinning done. (I did a few branches here and there but NOWHERE NEAR enough like I should.) Looks like these trees are here to stay, all I need to do is get more thorough on my maintenance of them this fall and prepare for next year. Thanks all for your advice and help here!
  3. My bruised ego aside, Mark is correct. While I was successful growing Pygmies in that first container probably due to great light and far more air movement than this last one, this current container was a death trap. Yeah, there was an added issue with a fungus gnat infestation that broke out in this jar. Young gemmae were eaten before they could really get going and the jar was doomed. Will you ever try growing Gemmae like this again? Mark, is right, and these are not ideal conditions. Do I personally like the idea of a "jar" of pygmies, yeah I do, but I need to stop being a crazy idiot and grow some pygmies in their favorite conditions. In the future I can try hardy pygmies again, but for now, I would just love to grow these beauties in my collection. Mark, get ready to have more of my money.
  4. Yeah, I am seriously stoked to start moving my stuff in. Currently the room has worked as a perfect holding room for cabinets waiting to be painted and storing appliances moved out of the kitchen for now, but once the kitchen is pieced back together I am going to move in. CAN'T WAIT! So much space I am giddy! XD
  5. lol Manders That is a good point, Paul. In a similar vein, I asked my wife if she wanted to go to the bookstore and find some Home Renovation and decoration books for ideas and she replied why bother when she can look it up on the internet? So fun trip to the bookstore for a drink and hangout, turned into a from the couch iPad web surf. There is a sadness that it is so much more convenient to google something, rather than build a home library on a topic so you have the information "at your fingertips". Nowadays, I don't even have to spell it right to find what I need.
  6. Man that would be an awesome way to make use of the tree wood if I did get rid of them. Wife is not loving the idea of cutting them down if they aren't any good, but we will see how she feels once she has eaten the fruit.
  7. I have to admit upfront how lucky I am. Even my wife has called this space the "plant room" since we first walked through the house a month or so ago! Long story short, my wife and I have purchased our first house. My goal was to find a good yard within our budget that would allow me space for a CP greenhouse someday but until that day my wife was always hoping there would be a third room we could use to get my plants out of her main living space. The house we ended up getting actually came with a room that is separate from the house but comes off of the garage, has a small heater on the wall, lights and plenty of outlets! Roughly 14' x 18' (4.2 meters by 5.4) Enough room on the back wall to make use of 3 sets of 4 foot garden center light fixtures Plan is to split room in half to make it a smaller space to heat but still plenty of indoor space to grow plants until the greenhouse My current collection is small, and would only need 1/3rd of that wall, let alone the space available on the OTHER walls I will have space to start garden plants indoors every year under lights AND grow CPs in tanks, open air trays, hanging Neps under lights etc. So stoked! Now for pics: Using iPad app my wife was had to test paint colors, this is a clear layout of where the room is in relation to our garage and main part of the house: What the room looks like from the doorway:
  8. Actually, looking at my pictures from my last trip out there in 2011, they aren't espaliered as much as they are just open and airy trained to supports and short:
  9. Thanks for the response, Paul! I actually have family living in Malgolo, Italy who own Apple Vineyards (Called vineyards because they have trained them like vines and look like actual vineyards, but they are of course orchards.) where they do Espaliered-like open and airy pruning and training. Their apples are amazing. It is only recent that the families have found each other. (Long story short, my Great-Great Grandfather immigrated to America from Malgolo and his living relatives to include the still-living son of his youngest brother all still currently live and practically account for a quarter of the population in Malgolo.) So I haven't had a chance to learn from them, but they do a similar method you are describing to great success. These trees I have have not been treated in that way and are years of growth in what is likely a very typical growth habit. Lots of cross growth, all new growth appears to be chopped back yearly to leave thicker branches only that over the years have become rounded on the ends with wispy branches growing off of them. Do you think it would be best to wait this year out and see how well they fruit etc. and then plan for next Spring a major prune job?
  10. I am wearing my big boy pants now, and like any big boy should do, I got myself into a tremendous amount of debt and bought a house! Love the house, it actually came with a large yard and a room that even my wife calls my "Plant Room"! More to come on that later... In that awesome yard are some pretty well kept Apple and Plum trees that were not pruned this year yet. Neighbor says they used to be done every February but this year it didn't happen. http://s39.photobucket.com/user/_Odysseus/library/Fruit%20Trees Anyone have any advice for pruning Apple and plum trees? Should I do it still this year? Thanks in advance!
  11. Gotcha, that doesn't sound worth it at all. Thanks, for the reply, Andy!
  12. Wish there was a market or a Kickstarter market for this kind of stuff. Would love it if my job was publishing Carnivorous Plants books for the casual cultivator.
  13. Loving it! A lot of hard work must have gone into this, thanks again! Oh and seeing that the default size of the message block is so big, do you think we can get a little larger Avatar allowance? Without knowing the under the hood configuration, it looks like we could go a little taller and wider without changing the existing message block. Also just noticed that word wrap doesn't happen in the Reply to this Topic block. Once you hit the edge your next letter will drop to a new line leaving the previous letters on the preceding line. Just because I am noticing that today, I am guessing words used to drop to the next line before...does that make sense?
  14. Sorry Snowwy and Paul, errors with the site prevented me from sending this reply earlier, but I saved the message to send once it was back up: Thanks, Paul! I was surprised it worked as well as it did too. Cold stratification in water was simply just in a small 118ml Tupperware cup with a lid. I used distilled water and left it in the fridge for a month. As you pointed out, getting the seeds out afterwards IS the hard part. Depends on the seeds but many of them are in the water spread out from each other and you can meticulously drop them using an eye dropper onto the soil spread out or pour them out. You can see the clumps I got in my methods, so I recommend being more patient and getting several out with a tooth pick or eye dropper to spread them out more. I had a couple moments pouring when seeds grouped and poured out together before I could stop them. I didn't want to disturb the seeds too much so I slightly pushed them around but was harder to do on the LFS medium. As for feeding them, Snowwy and Paul, I totally recommend doing it. I haven't myself but I have read several places it is smart to do so. And with your evidence paul of that one plant you DID feed, I am definitely going to do it. I don't know when is appropriate to start, and I have heard bloodworms as being great too, but I imagine as soon as they have dew and if the food is smaller than their leaves it is fine to start. Thanks for checking out my pics and sharing the event with me!
  15. Hey all, Been growing some Drosera from seed this winter/spring. Pictures below are not the greatest but they work. I took some of them from my 8-10 yr. old Nikon Coolpix 8700 and the magnified ones through my 10x loupe using my iPhone. The loupe All images are from Friday night March, 21st 2014 Drosera aliciae Soil:2 parts Sand 1 part Peat Seeds sewn: 29 days ago February 20th 2014 Drosera burmannii Soil:2 parts Sand 1 part Peat Seeds sewn: 39 days ago February 10th 2014 Drosera filiformis Soil:Long fiber sphagnum Seeds sewn: 11 days ago March 10th 2014 Stratified in water in my fridge for about four weeks prior to sewing the seeds. It appears the filiformis is struggling to survive the damp as seeds are getting mold, but some are pushing on. Drosera intermedia 'tropical' Soil:2 parts Sand 1 part Peat Seeds sewn: 29 days ago February 20th 2014 Drosera oblanceolata 'Sunset Peak' Hong Kong Soil:Milled long fiber sphagnum Seeds sewn: 39 days ago February 10th 2014 Drosera rotundifolia Soil:Long fiber sphagnum Seeds sewn: 11 days ago March 10th 2014 Stratified in water in my fridge for about four weeks prior to sewing the seeds. It appears the filiformis is struggling to survive the damp as seeds are getting mold, but some are pushing on. Thanks for reading!
  16. Those are awesome! Agree with the others here, what an amazing bit of terrain you can "wander" into where you live. I can't count the amount of time I have told my wife we need to move to Australia. Tried with several job openings in my industry out there but unfortunately the studios were not able to afford someone like me who would have to relocate AND get a work visa. Someday though, someday! Keep us posted next time you "wander" again! (Heck...I am tempted to organize a funding to get you a GoPro and start joining you on your Wandering through a YouTube channel. )
  17. Yes, thank you, Andy! Appreciate your time working on the site!
  18. Haha exactly, Silverman! By the way, just realized I forgot to say "enough" in my original post. I couldn't recommend it enough! Instead I made it sound like I couldn't recommend it...but at least my glowing praise in the second paragraph helped people figure out that I meant to say "enough" there all along. Going to have to lose a few hours watching their youtube vids, surprised I haven't already.
  19. Cannot recommend enough the viewing the Hampton Court Palace Flower show image gallery of them making their giant Nep display: http://www.borneoexotics.com/Galleries/Hampton%202013/Hampton%202013/index.html Really fantastic setup! Definitely can't keep them growing like that...right? Heck, can even most those neps be grown in the same growing conditions? Would be such a fantastic piece to have in a large well-lit area of an office, hotel, giant home for the rich CPers.
  20. lol Also, sounds like someone else enjoys CPUK first thing in the morning at work. XD
  21. To add: Select everything you wrote and do a CTRL-X so you see it actually get "cut" and then paste it right back in place. THEN refresh or check on a separate tab. That way you have what you wrote in case anything goes wrong.
  22. That looks like a nice setup, Jim! And the plants look great!
  23. Mad, Definitely depends on the plant, but yeah I have had D burmannii from seed really fast to mention one. Many of them are quick. But leaf cuttings are definitely quick. Now my "fast" is compared to 3 years to get going VFTs and Neps...so if it takes only a year to be large enough to enjoy, I am calling it fast.
  24. Welcome to CPUK, Francisco! Are there restrictions on ordering plants online? (Those without CITES, Phytosanitary yada yada requirements, that is.) Or seeds? I am enjoying growing CPs from seed for my VERY first time this year, and have found it really fun. And especially Drosera are quickly rewarding when grown from seed. Unlike plants like Nepenthes, you can get a mature plant quickly.