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  1. Unlike the now ID'd Nidiformis, the plant pictured above hasn't really burst with growth! The dew is moderate too. I wonder if the moss is choking the plant. I just can't figure out whether it's a good idea to pull the plant up and weed out the moss. Does anyone here think I should get rid of that moss? It seems to be almost too much intertwined tightly with the plant...
  2. Cool, When you sent me those plants I knew that you were also skeptical about their ID's. I figure if Tim could see them now as they are older he would share the same opinion as everyone here! Here is the second plant that was labeled as Aliciae or Capillaris. Cool, is this the one you said you think is capillaris? It is the other that you sent me. However I find it hard to believe that it is a Capillaris. Don't Capillaris have a thin leaf blade and more round at the end? Almost like Rotundifolia? Here is the pic:
  3. Peat, After a phone call to Gubler's and looking through D'Amato's book I found it to be an N. Alata Spotted too! I was surprised when someone told me it had to be a hybrid. Now looking at other Alata's I do notice how different the leaf blades are! And so, Swords you're right. It is some N. Maxima hybrid. It's only too bad that it is too hard to tell exactly which one. But, I suppose it isn't 100% necessary to know the plant's parentage. I just enjoy the look! Thanks for your help on that one! But, that plant is only one of 9 Gubler neps I rescued from completely dying on depart
  4. I received the plant before it sent up any erect leaves. I believe that the person who I received it from received it from somebody else who got the plants mixed up with other young Droseras. He told me that the plants were labeled by the previous owner. As it grew it didn't resemble either of those two in my opinion also. I'm just glad that I have a proper ID now. Thank you guys for posting!
  5. I was convinced since the day I received these plants that they were all N. Alata. I was recently informed that these Neps received from Gubler's are one of many hybrids they sell. Well, I was hoping to find out which hybrid exactly. Does anyone know which hybrid this is? Thank you for your time in looking at these!! :shocked: Eyes sore? Thanks for doing this!
  6. I was kindly given this drosera. After a short month it is doing very well in my terrarium and now I wonder if it is old enough to identify. When I was sent the plant, I was told it was either D. Aliciae or D. Capillaris. Anyone have a positive ID? Thanks for your time in doing this!!
  7. Odysseus

    D. Burmannii

    From the sound of the growing conditions D. Sessilifolia and Burmanii enjoy, do their seeds need a period of stratification at all?
  8. Wow! Very interesting Pygmy! A definite on my future shopping list!
  9. Whew! Good point! Sigh, I do like the setup and hope it turns out ok. I may have to reconsider after a year. But, I'll just have to see how this autumn goes. Thanks for the reply Aidan.
  10. I hate that stuff! It is always growing so fast and is controlling my little pots! I hate the damage getting rid of it causes. I have one right now that I can't get rid of because a small capillaris is growing right above the grassy rosette. The have intertwined roots. I'm afraid I will kill my capillaris. But, I do need to get rid of it.
  11. N. Maxima Hybrid? I should post a better pic. I wonder if you have another pic of what the unknown hybrid looks like...because I am still not sure it is not N. Alata Spotted. At least the large on in the back. As for the smaller one up front in the middle. I can agree that it is possibly a Maxima hybrid. That is true, the one in the upper left corner is young but up close shows variance from the large plant in middle. It could be Ventrata. I will have to post them in better pics soon so I can get some true ID's.
  12. Student. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Science degrees in (1) Multimedia Technology Communications with an emphasis on Digital Video and Film. (2) Plants, Soils, and Biometerology with a Major in Ornamental Horticulture. Thus, it will be a good while before Oregon University hires me to pull off the wings of flies or maybe a job in the crucial studies of Fly Gonads. ;)
  13. So, am I convinced my plants are Alata but are in fact Ventrata? Here's a pic:
  14. I hear ya Gus! I just made a large seed propagator made from a 30 cent container usually meant for large Cakes put on sale by a bakery!
  15. Understand that. :) Well, if you have an I.D. that differs let me know. The "birch" seedling is growing more profusely than the genlisea is yet.
  16. Unfortunately, decorative green moss is often sold with the label "Sphagnum Moss". (at least here in the states) This green wiry moss is decorative and nice looking but can be lethal for carnivorous plants. If you are looking for a top dressing make sure the label clearly states Long-Fiber Sphagnum Moss. This moss is brown, and comes as long dried strands.
  17. Vic, You had me feeling pretty gullible there. I was saved by the fact that Frederick WAS being serious! But, I understand your point and apparently so does Frederick. Thanks for your post. I'll transplant the seedling, tonight. -- I swear...you get out smarted by some of those on this forum and you begin to think everything you hear is PERFECT advice with out chance of flaw. -- Frederick, I liked your idea of making it a Bonsai tree...I hadn't considered the problems of the traps of my genlisea and the root system of a mature bonsai Birch. Thanks for your advice. I am now intr
  18. Absolutely! I have a plant EXACTLY like yours from Gublers too! I can guarantee you that it is an N. Alata. It's not even a hybrid. I have bought many a gubler's neps because they get sold here for four dollars a pop at Lowe's and Home Depot. I like to save the Neps from those department stores' neglect!!! Your plant looks exactly like my N. Alata "Red form". But, the majority of my Gubler Neps have been N. Alata "spotted". So, just give it some light and soon you will see which one it is. If you see a streak of red from the peristome almost to the tendril following the wings...th
  19. Hey Trojon, A lot of Cephs I see are grown in these sort of containers. Put the lid on when the Sun isn't glaring on it and it will keep the humidity up. If Humidity is all your looking for, this could help with that. Only bad news...is that I don't know where you can find one of these in London. Good Luck!
  20. Thanks for the advice on the water table. I didn't know they grow long roots, so I will let the water level drop before watering again. I might not end up watering again for at least a couple months! I kept the water table high because of the statement in some books I read from Slack, D'amato, and pietropaulo. I saw that they enjoyed more waterlogged condtions. But, with your news of their roots being long...I won't be worried about letting the water go down in order to kill off some of the moss. On the other hand with the gemmae production. The way I see it. I do want them to sprea
  21. No problem, Zongyi. Thanks for the pic! And thanks guys for the help in identifying this plant. And Aidan thanks for the growth advice! I'll have to bottle feed this plant insects I guess huh..... Well, I caught a ladybug here, so when I get home I'll have to see how it does eating it!
  22. Wow! Never would have thought! Thanks for the advice. I think it will be nice to have it growing there next to my genlisea! However, my Genlisea is growing in a pretty small undraining yoghurt cup. It is surving as a seedling, but any advice on how to keep that birch tree happy? I suppose by trimming it you simply mean later on as it matures keeping it pruned like a bonsai? Or do I need to do some work on it soon?