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  1. Luxury eh? You have the luxury of NOT having to shovel snow or scrape your car windows twice a day! I would like to plant these outdoors, and probably should. But, for this first year as I learn how to grow them and experience the flowers of the Sarracenia, I would like to keep them where I can always have an eye on them. If I get a Greenhouse that would be ideal!! But, for now a south facing window with plenty of light I hope will do.
  2. Oh I hear you Tim. My nine 10 gallon tanks sitting on a pvc shelf I made after Cool85k5 plans and my wood shelf and box I made to house a couple other ones are working really well. But, as you said a Greenhouse is what I would want! And I desperately want one! I am working right now on plans for a temporary greenhouse, because my brother in law is buying some land this year and building his dream home and a greenhouse over there. He wants my wife and I to rent the basement from them while we go to school. It is a perfect setup and i'm already drooling over the greenhouse idea. But, un
  3. Thanks for the interesting low-humidity tests, Steve! I'll just shock people around their houses as I test their home for low humidity. ;) To answer some questions on my climate...it has snowed relentlessly this winter and is raining even now. However, a day after a snow melt while the sun was out, I measured the humidity with my hygrometer. It was barely over 40%! When I tried again over earth and not cement the humidity was much higher the closer to the ground. During the summer however...the sun really dries out our air. And if our air on average is 40% or higher in the winter, t
  4. With all the different books they say "High" humidity is necessary for sarrs. Yet, many of you have your sarr, some drosera, vft's, and others simply on the windowsill. I have read that you have had great success with it, but we all have varying daily humidity. So, here's my question aimed at those who have experimented with accurate measure different humidity levels for sarrs. ONE: In a small basin filled with water, rocks, a Drosera capensis, and soon VFT; I have an S. x Wrigleyana. These plants experience an evening and day average of 45% humidity. It fluctuates from 45 - 53 depending
  5. Jeremiah, How recent was that? It looks like Peter's new location in Sebastopol. I have a trip to Monterey next month when I too will visit Peter's California Carnivores! I am really excited, it's almost a trip to Mecca for me! My wife on the other hand supports me, but is not sharing the same enthusiasm.
  6. Yeah...of course you've got to be right, Aidan. Hmmm....How do I find them....I have been on Petflytrap here and there, but my favorite posters there are posters always here so this is my CP home. I should post here and there to see if anyone would be interested in a Utah Society. That could find those few Utahns interested. I sure hope there are more than I fear. I feel inspired to do so, thanks Aidan! :D/
  7. HAHA Same way I found out! Denmark, I haven't used them myself, but my best guess is that they place them at the bottom of a tank to keep the plant elavated from the surface and allow air circulation. It is great for Neps who enjoy their roots having a cool and airy substrate.
  8. I am thoroughly jealous of you guys who live at least in the same state as a Carnivorous Plant Society. I live in Utah and I would have to travel to either Colorado for their society, or to California's bundle of options. But, I wish there was one within a few hours drive. I've only heard of one man on the web who grows CPs out here in Utah. That man has already moved to California. Sigh...
  9. I've also seen something similar to egg crate used for drop-ceiling styles. The plastic grip is dropped below the light fixtures. You can find it at home improvement stores like IKEA. I am not sure whether it is cheaper than where Colin suggested so you'll just after to look around Good luck!
  10. LOL The Ptari pitchers are great looking plants. I checked out your site, and the pics are great! I particularly enjoyed the Nepenthes Spec. Nov. Sumatra! Reminds me of the N. Eymae (Infundibuliformis). Thanks for sharing the pics! (and at no cost, except your own in bandwidth)
  11. Odysseus

    Cut Pitcher Sale

    The way I see it, is that the general public has no idea where these "Sarracenia Lillies" come from and their status on extinction. I believe that anyone intelligent who feels it is'nt hazardous to their personal stock of Sarracenia and want to sell them as cut flowers should be able to. But, this is a sensitive subject, and they should do more than just post, "These are plantation grown." Because that statement means nothing to the average laymen. If they understand the liability of cutting from the wild, than they also know of their precious need for conservancy. Thus, my feelings a
  12. If I look at your pictures can I get a discount on plants? ;) My H. Heterodoxa looks alot different. Those pitchers are a deep red. Are they dying out causing them to have the deep red coloration, or will the middle green eventually turn dark red?
  13. It depends of it is an incandescent bulb, flourescent, halide, growlux, etc. It really depends on what type of light. If you go for the compact flourescent, at least I can already vouch that it will work well for your plants. Check out this thread earlier thread on the subject : http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1419 or http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2070 Good Luck... if these aren't what you are needing try a SEARCH.
  14. Wow, Charlot! You have quite the unique collection!
  15. Good Luck, Phyrex. And as always feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  16. Dieter and Seandew, Thanks for the replies! I suspected they had quick growth rate. Sounds like a couple good ideas to add to my hall of seed trays!
  17. Interesting! I'm curious to see how they turn out! Well, on this same topic...Have you ever grown utrics from seed? How fast do they grow to maturity? Or at least flowing size? Anyone know?
  18. Odysseus

    Cut Pitcher Sale

    On the EBay auction they claim all plants are from a plantation. But, I don't know. If these people REALLY grow the plants why do they massacre them for CUT FLOWERS!!! Are they idiots? Don't they ever SEE the real flower they produce! Find they no intrigue in these beautiful plants? Sigh...
  19. Rico, Any flower pics? Not just the scapes?
  20. Hey Phyrex! You are right about the S. Flava. Unless it is a young seedling it won't fit in a terrarium.
  21. Thanks Julian for the compliment! My curiosity wants to know the parentage, but I certainly still enjoy growing these guys even if they are...well...orphans.
  22. Thanks for the reply and the pic! That Aliciae seedling matches mine very well! It also makes sense with the growth pattern. All the rosettes are growing at different angles than each other, and that is a characteristic of Aliciae. Tim, The plants you sent Jerry have made it to me! I really like them! Thanks for the plants! (Indirectly) Looks like the consensus is Nidiformis and Aliciae. I am glad to. I have a couple capollaris already. Plus, the Nidiformis is doing really well and looks great! Thanks again everyone!
  23. I should do that Aidan. Thanks for the advice. I found that the yellowish cast goes away with the flash...but the pic under those bright lights didn't need the flash. Next picture I will mess around more with it.