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  1. Hi there, some new photos: U. alpina enjoys the rain outside U. quelchii U. "Jitka" U. "Nüdlinger Flair", won't flower U. asplundii U. blanchetii And a couple of other plants staying together with the Utris on my windowsill: H. heterodoxa x ionasii Roridula gorgonias P. primuliflora "Rose" P. 'El Mirador' I hope you like them. Cheerse, Ivan
  2. I got my alpina from a german grower two years ago. You can try at Thomas Carow or Christian Klein. @carni grower: full sun kills the leaves of my alpina, they quikly turn yellow and die. You should obsevre your plants. Still, I don't know how strong the sun in Edinburgh is.
  3. Hi, I don't fertilize them. I have bearly time for them in the last few months, I just water the from time to time. Seems they like that kind of attention. However my nelumbifolia x reniformis didn't bloom this winter, but my alpina has around 10 flowerstalks already. I will upload some photos when the flowers are opened. Best, Ivan
  4. Hi there, here a recent photo of my asplundii. Sorry for the bad picture quality, me and my DSLR Camera - we don´t understand each other..yet :) Best, openfire
  5. Hi Adam, thanks for the kind words and good luck with your office experiment. I've also heard of people growing quelchii and humboldtii successfully on windowsills. Maybe I should try with these two as well.
  6. It is a west facing window with direct sunlight. The humidity here in Cologne is constantly high, at the moment it is 50% in the room and 70% at the window.
  7. I'm glad you like them. @Mujinamo: yup I grow them on my windowsill :) Here is a recent photo of the U.alpina with almost all buds opened:
  8. Hi there, I would like to share some photos of my windowsill Utricularia, I hope you like them. U. alpina (pictures taken yesterday) U. nelumbifolia x reniformis (the first picture was taken on February, the others on May) U. asplundii (picture from last winter)