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  1. wow, absolutely beautiful pics. Im after getting a macro lens for my Canon, what lens you using their? I have read that the Tamaron 90mm SP is good, and very reasonable.
  2. I've bought a few plants over the years from David "carnivoria.eu" and the plants have always been very good. My recent plants I got from David this year, my Nepenthe's order were very nice and are growing great. David is a very busy man, it just requires a little patience. I'd highly recommend him, I'm a little bit of a pain in the ass to deal with as I often change my mind like a kid in a sweat shop, lol. Look forward to purchasing from you again soon, I'm after some Drosera and a couple of Neps. and just to add that guy Alexander M is absolutely disgusting, their is never any just cause to spew such filth. It just revels what a lowlife he is David, kind of lowlife that would most probably have lied in the beginning looking for a freebie and then resorted to anger when you saw through it. You can see my little treats i got here, lol, nothing like getting new plants, Oh yeah.
  3. Oh cool another Spanish grower, Hello from Marbella :woot: 

  4. Hey Mike, hope your well, good to see you on this forum.

    Alex, from Spain

  5. Is their any way to display images smaller? So these are a couple of characters, well three as 2 share the same pot i drew up, the annoying thing is the app what i was drawing them in only exports psd files at 75dpi, which is too low, especially if i want to get a head shot of the one talking, so im in the processes of redrawing them in Illustrator as vectors, what i need to buy is a nice little stylus, itll make the whole thing much easier.
  6. Thanks Picavorus, it was fun making it. Ive decided to start work on a little animated series where 2 carnivorous plants sitting in the window ledge tell CP related jokes. ill post a little concept art soon, as i want the cartoon to be much better quality. I thought it fun to get people involved and they can post CP jokes, and the best ones i can use in the next episodes, lol.
  7. Ah got it cheers, it wasnt liking the long link, the short one did it
  8. Ive been learning a little bit of animation on Adobe After Effects and while trying to make a little cartoon to illustrate a point i wanted to make for another YouTube video i gave birth to this little video fart.
  9. oh i tried that but it didn't show anything in preview, ill give it another go
  10. hey guys, how do you embed a youtube video into a post? cheers Alex
  11. thanks guys for the reply, ill leave it for now, it seems to be doing very well in its pot. Maybe ill try and take a few cutting for now. Any one know much about the Sudden Death the are known for? thats what was worrying me the most.
  12. Hey Guys, just a question, i recently brought a Ceph back from the Uk with me and so far since Jan its been growing great, ill try and get a photo tomorrow for you guys. I was reading the other week about Cephs and Sudden Death, and it got me a little worried, is it quite common or is it just hyped information? When i brought it over i did a lazy repot and just sat it in a new pot with very well draining media, but the the old media is still their and wasn't so free draining as is normal when getting from garden centers. Im thinking maybe to repot it and divide it up a little where possible, when also would be the best time to do that? Thanks, Alex
  13. ah thanks for the reply, thats what i did when i bought it a at the start of the year, i just did a lazy repot as i was scared to disturb the roots, so i just took the whole thing out and put in a bigger pot and its done pretty well. Im just worried that the old media it came with wasn't very draining, and i would be gutted if it got the sudden death syndrome. Ill ask the guys on the forum. cheers
  14. those look great. whens the best time to repot cephs?
  15. Thanks, apparently I don't have permission to view the above topic but I'll check out the bottem link
  16. Thanks, I checked it out but couldn't find anything in the way of TC supply's, I'm especially looking for the screw on lids of caps
  17. Can anyone recomend a decent TC supplier within the EU, I'm realy mainly looking for the closure caps like PHYTOCAP or somthing similar that I can use to seal my jars. Any help would be much participated, thanks
  18. Can anyone recomend a decent TC supplier within the EU, I'm realy mainly looking for the closure caps like PHYTOCAP or somthing similar that I can use to seal my jars. Any help would be much participated, thanks
  19. I'm looking everywhere to buy some baby food jars for TC use, all if them seem to be sold in the US, anyone know a European place to buy them from?