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  1. Hey Dimitar, I was just reading an old post about Cephalotus seeds. You mentioned that many times the seed can be just an empty husk. I got my 1st seed from my Ceph plant i got over a year ago, it has grown great and put up quite a few flower stalks, Ive harvested the seed but it seems like theirs nothing in thoses husks, or is it that the seed is super tiny inside?


    1. Dr. GreenThumb

      Dr. GreenThumb

      Hey Dimitar, any help would be greatly appriciated.

  2. We are plagued with drone fly’s at the moment, .. Thought I would put them to good use, lol



  3. I think a swarm has moved in, 


  4. Well, As if i didn't have enough hobby's.... :-)


  5. Hey hope everyone is well, been moving into our new place over December, its very rural and we still struggling to get internet connected up, trying to get the toilet working was a nightmare and i had to do the unthinkable,  lol, Ive never put my arm down a more disgusting hole.... been so much work to do and we still have loads before we are settled. Lots of room here to grow my plants, heres a little tour of the place i did a couple of weeks back


  6. Im Feeling a fever coming on, an Orchid one

  7. A little of topic, but hey, its my wall, lol

  8. Just ordered some fresh Nepenthe's seeds, hopfuly ill have better luck at growing them than my Vft seed


  9. My Neps are coming along really great, a few winter concerns and a few brown spots i was a tad worried about but apparently Im over reacting, lol. Also a sneaky Preview of a new serise im working on, On the Ledge


  10. Oh cool another Spanish grower, Hello from Marbella :woot: 

  11. Hey Mike, hope your well, good to see you on this forum.

    Alex, from Spain