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  1. Awsome!! Im from S Yorkshire too, but im just not living their at the moment. Its a addictive hobby, be warned, lol. Welcome!
  2. No, i wouldnt and havent and so far my plants are perfectly fine. Only time i would, is if it was full of debris from the roof, but in that case id test it 1st with a tds meter
  3. This is very upsetting news... Ive bought a few times from Carnivoria/ David and both times received healthy good plants. I know he can be very slow to respond to emails, and sometimes confused especially if the buyer is changing his mind on what he wants every other day, which was me in this case the 1st time. I just don’t believe David is out to scam anyone, think its just poor management or hes trying to do everything single handed.
  4. I thought the waste was all the crap blown out by the filters...hmm ill have to use my TDS meter to test the waste and see what it reads. Good idea, Yeah i wanted to pipe off the waste so it waters the garden i just need to buy tubing. I have a nice 200 liter container that would be perfect, the problem is how do i stop it filling up and spilling over once its full.
  5. Yeah RO mashines are great, ive been using one for years. Id love to get away for it to run the water in to a bigger tank
  6. Thanks Gaz, Yeah its unfair to the photographer to just use his image without asking.
  7. Oh realy, its a slow grower? and it dosnt climb, what is its growing patern then? I think ive finally tracted down a few seed grown truncs, i cant wait to get one
  8. Dr. GreenThumb

    Botanical Art

    I've been wanting to get in to painting plants now for sometime, its a good way to combine two of my passions. I thought id share them with you as i do them. Im always looking for good reference photos i can use, please if you dont mind sharing them with me, i need good quality photos to work from, showing as much detail as possible. Also i will need written consent saying i have your permission to use the reference photo. Alex
  9. I love Bicalcarata but I also decided not to get one until i build a greenhouse. Great plant!
  10. Wow you lucky bugger! Ours is about 200+ its well water so theirs no addatives, still wa too high for my Cps though.. shame
  11. Well said Juan! I too like forums for the same reason.
  12. I think its pretty ridiculous that this thread is still going on, Sheila made a pretty valid point that most have just brushed off, that their simply isn’t any evidence. The whole ant story,? This could of all been made up by a couple of internet trolls looking to have some fun, and by god they did find the right place. This freedom of speech stuff is a joke, you simply cant be posting peoples details online, final. And the Facebook group thing, they are very well run groups, they would never have allowed this circus to go on so long, as some have suggested.
  13. Hey Dimitar, I was just reading an old post about Cephalotus seeds. You mentioned that many times the seed can be just an empty husk. I got my 1st seed from my Ceph plant i got over a year ago, it has grown great and put up quite a few flower stalks, Ive harvested the seed but it seems like theirs nothing in thoses husks, or is it that the seed is super tiny inside?


    1. Dr. GreenThumb

      Dr. GreenThumb

      Hey Dimitar, any help would be greatly appriciated.

  14. We are plagued with drone fly’s at the moment, .. Thought I would put them to good use, lol