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  1. It seems they have one more category in polish version where all the stuff I wrote is...
  2. Awesome directory! Both polish shops- roraima and carnisana sell ready CP mixes too. Carnisana offers live sphangum as well :)
  3. I also bought 3 types of easy, lowland nepenthes from them: rebecca soper, hookeriana and bloody mary. They were all suprisingly big rossetes and now, after 4 months they all grow nicely and low. My bloody mary had 2 growing points and I succesfully divided them, hookeriana currently has 3 little guys around the main plant :) This may sound like too much of advertisement, but carnisana was third shop I ordered plants from and they were so much better than the other ones... Don't know how it's with sarracenia though.
  4. I bought ceph in 'L' size. This is how it looked few days after arrival - pot's diameter is 8,5cm (sorry for the quality, the only photo I have is from my cell):
  5. I moved it to a place with higher humidity and more light, sprayed with anti fungus treatment and I think that the spotting stopped to develop, we'll see how it looks in few days... Thanks for your advice!
  6. I ordered plants from them twice, it was within Poland but I think it makes no difference if you order from abroad. Both times plants (neps, cephalotus and drosera) were well protected during travel, arrived fast and were in excellent condition. I totally recommend them :)
  7. Thank you all! It's good to know that my initial failure doesn't look like a cold blooded murder (which it was not ).
  8. Isn't it the other way round with low- and highland species? I think highland ones need cooler nights, while most of the lowland grow easily at home, with only a small difference between day and night temperature. All of my neps grow at very bright and sunny attic, in spring and summer they get around 25-30C during the day and 18-23C at night. Humidity may be a problem - with totally no logic I put it on my desk with no leca/water setting around it, with which all the other neps grow nicely. Putting it in additional tray with it will be the first thing I do after I get back home. I'm still pretty sure it isn't the only problem...
  9. This is my first 'serious' post and I'm already looking for help or advice... Two weeks ago I bought a small seedling of nepenthes bicalcarata brunei orange, one of those I liked the most. It had only 4 leaves, two of which were sunburned on edges, and one little pitcher. At the beginning it stood with my other neps on south windowsill, but it seemed to be too much direct sunlight for this little guy so I moved it to other room after few hours. A week ago I noticed small, brown and depressed spots on both sides of leaves of my new seedling. Every few days I notice new ones, and now there is also a spot or two on the pitcher. The plant didn't grow since I got it, but on the other hand the pitcher didn't even start to dry up. I got it without pot, and now it grows in the same substrate like all my other neps: peat and perlite. I also noticed few similar spots on leaves' bottoms in two other plants, but its general condition and growth don't seem to be affected. Nepenthes truncata pasian which I bought together with this problematic bicalcarata adapted nicely and started to grow after a week at my place. Can anyone help me with identyfying the problem? What could cause this and how can I deal with it?
  10. Hi everyone, my name is Edyta and I live in Poland. Besides CP's, I'm interested in motorcycling, sports and needlework depending on the season ;) My CP adventure started few years ago with a disaster with single drosera and dionaea, after which I had a little break and last spring started once again. Now I own few easy droseras, two unidentified dionaea, some lowland nepenthes and a cephalotus. Most of them seem to be happy with provided conditions, they grow, they split and make me happy :) Hopefully today I'm getting my first set of pinguicula - my CP collection slowly increases :)