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  1. Thanks for the imput, everyone. yeah, some seedlings are shaped like D. Aliciae and others have a thin stem and then a leaf, so it's likely a mix indeed. Going to be fun to sort. Interestingly, there are no seedlings or whatsoever in the capensis pot, which is still right next to it in the same tray.
  2. Hello, I've noticed what first appeared to be moss growing in my Drosera Aliciae pot. However, upon closer inspection they appeared to be mini sundews. And upon even closer inspection by means of a macro lens, They don't even seem to be the same species? The shape of the leaf seems different to me. Could anyone possibly confirm this? I have kept my Sundews outside last summer, next to a D. capensis. Both of them have flowered extensively. Also, I live pretty close to an area with D. rotundifolia.
  3. Hey, Thanks for the replies. I carefully lifted some leaves with tweezers, then the plantlet to see if it was on another leaf. This wasn't the case, instead, I ended up accidentally prying the plantlet out of the soil, roots and all, so I quickly prepared a tiny pot with the same soil mix and transplanted it, watered it and put it with the others. Now to hope for recovery...
  4. Ok so I found an adorable little new Drosera Aliciae plant growing right underneath one of my main plants. I want to remove it and put it in its own little pot. Any ideas how I get to do this without damaging either plants or the root system? Thanks in advance Pic:
  5. Thanks! I googled the Pinguicula, and we have a match! As for the sarracenia, Ok I won't look for that anymore then. Thanks though
  6. Hello everone, My name is Roderick and I'm located in Holland, I've kept some Carnivorous plants before, to no success. But about 3 months ago I decided to give it another go after reading into them and this time I apparently did it right because they've all grown vigorously and some flowered. Anyway; I now keep Drosera Capensis, Drosera Aliciae, 2x Dionaea Muscipula(regular), 4 sarracenia species(I'm having a hard time to identify them, But I'm relatively sure one of them is a Sarracenia x Swaniana, and another one seems to be an S. leucophylla hybrid), A butterwort(also unidentified) and