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  1. I can see the Burb in it to be honest. Leaf shape and tubbier pitchers seem to show burb influence.
  2. It never occurred to me until this thread that bongso uppers could be so nice!
  3. Looks similar to a "Sanguinea" i purchased that turned out to be a Rebecca Soper.
  4. Looks like a x Miranda to me, if there is fertiliser in the medium i would re-pot it as this can cause issues. A weak orchid fertilizer as a foliar feed is sufficient for nepenthes as they are bad at taking up nutrients via the roots. Hope this helps :)
  5. Wow, amazing collection.
  6. TCurrell

    A few pics

    Lowii (aw) Being slow as usual. Glandulifera. my aw rajah Ventricosa Madja-as form (or burkei as some people say) Singalana
  7. TCurrell

    A few pics

    A few more, White form ventricosa pitchering for the first time in forever. Rajah looking more rajah like now. Neoguineensis still going strong. Baby peltata.
  8. TCurrell

    A few pics

    Murudensis? (from Krzysio) Mirabilis var. globosa and the bane of my growspace yet another x Miranda flower I'm going to have to stop growing Mirandas as they just grow far too quickly.
  9. TCurrell

    A few pics

    I'm just making a thread to add a few pictures of some of my Neps as this time of the year they start to look nice again for me. I'll start with my boschiana
  10. Love the Muluensis, I've tried this species and failed spectacularly
  11. Just a quick update. Seems to be growing steadily. not the fastest but certainly not as slow as some of my ultra highlanders.
  12. Aww man, you've done it now. I definitely need to get a spectabilis after seeing yours. Is it a quick grower for you?
  13. Its a numbers game, many germinate but very few reach maturity. Many will be unable to compete with other vegetation and be choked out while some will get lucky and germinate in favorable conditions. We think the mortality rate for seedlings in cultivation is high but its nothing compared to in the wild.
  14. Amazing, where did you get undulatifolia? i would love to own this species but it is like proverbial rocking horse poop.
  15. Newest pitcher just opened.
  16. I have to say i'm super impressed with this plant so far. Since ive had it the first pitcher has dried as to be expected but has formed one already that is looking to be slightly bigger than the last and a new larger leaf already opening too. I was expecting it to sulk during alcimatising but it hasn't skipped a beat. I'll post a new pic for comparison when the new pitcher pops. Props to districarnivores i would reccomend this plant anyday.
  17. Here's the plant i received, i'm very pleased with it! Lets see how long it takes me to kill it lol.
  18. Cool, my grow area stays at 16c and above at least even during cold winter nights so hopefully i should be okay with this species. Lighting is one of those things for me where i think i have it nailed for a while then something will sulk and i will start to wonder if i need more lol.
  19. What sort of temperatures did you give it over winter? i added a few new lights to my grow area and it seems to have helped every plant under them so hopefully the new addition will like them too.
  20. Hi guys, i just placed an order for a neoguineensis that is about 12-15 cm in diameter and was wondering if anyone has any tips on growing these. I hear the can tolerate high lightlevels and as their altitudal range is quite wide i may try it as a more intermediate grower with higher light levels and see how it does first of all. I'd rather grow it intermediate personally but may settle to grow it as a lowlander if needed. If anyone has experience growing this and could share their input i would greatly appreciate it.
  21. Sounds like you have quite a collection, i'd love to see some photos :)
  22. just over a month later i also got 3 little konjacs which will need separating when they go dormant.