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  1. Weiglt

    female flower

    Hi, my female tentaculata starts to flower. if anyone has a few pollen left pm me. seeds are shared 50 : 50 best regardes Tom
  2. Weiglt

    needs pollen

    Hi, who got Pollen for a Nepenthes Spathulata x Maxima. Pls offer all! best regardes Tom
  3. Hi, I work at Audi as a testdriver. Its nice to come round the world, but most time of the year im based in cold and dark sweden. But the countryside there is one of the most beautifull i ever have Seen:) Nice regardes Tom
  4. Hi, I have a lot inermispollen availible. I am interessted in all kinds of hybrid so pm me if you have a female nep! Seeds will be shared 50:50 Regardes Tom