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  1. After complaining with paypal the seller responded from that email. One day after paypal give me the money he sent a email saying that was going to refund. It was too late, a seller to avoid, like carnivoria.eu.
  2. After I complain with paypal the seller asked if all plants were dead and that will give the money. I sent photos but still no response.
  3. @Bluedog0628 You are totally correct, I have learned the hard way that this is not a good time to order plants. But I ordered beginning of november and at the time here in Portugal the temperatures were still on the warm side. But knowing in CZ is much colder I payed more 30€ for shipping than normal, but didn't make any difference. The seller is very experienced and should know that is not a good idea do ship plants at this time. The packaging was the same as always, the simplest possible. I filed a complaint with paypal and the seller immediately respond from another email, apparently the main email is not working!!! But again stop responding after I sent the photos. The plants, https://imgur.com/a/ptb0v
  4. Also had problems with this seller. Some regias arrived dead and the seller never sent new plants, it just stop responding to the emails. Tried making a 230€ order but asked for the regias, again stopped responding.
  5. Has anyone recently had problems with czplants? I have done some transactions with this seller in the past and the support was good when the plants arrived with problems. But apparently that has changed. This time I ordered some expensive plants and to avoid problems to the seller I used the more expensive transport available. Not only the time to delivery was the same but all plants arrived burned apparently from ice. 3 are already dead and the other 2 will probably take the same path. I sent several emails with no response, and the same happened to a friend.
  6. Hi, It appears to be red spiders (aranhiço vermelho). This year I'm having lots of this in CP and bonsai. Br, Daniel
  7. Hi, I have a Dionaea and a drosera in small bonsai pots to use in bonsai expositions. No problems here :)
  8. Canon 60D + 100mm macro lens + extension tubes + 2 speedlite Some examples:
  9. Hi, I'm a member of the Portuguese Association of Carnivorous Plants and Association Lusitana of Bonsai. I love to photograph macros with carnivourous plants, here are some examples: I'm here to learn and share. Br, Daniel