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  1. Sooooo, I have repotted my baby, she seems happy for now!! will let you know how it goes!
  2. It is illegal to grow female plants, you can grow as many male plants as you like they would be simply decorative. Its the flowers that make the difference!
  3. I don't think its that its not cool they think it boring. In my eyes, if horticulture modernised its self slightly it may attract more people to study it, it is a bit oldy worldy in some cases and people like Darmiud Gavin get slated at RHS Chelsea flower show cos they don't conform to the standards. The RHS needs to start changing as well if they want to attract younger generations, i got into gardening and horticulture by accident, i was supposed to go into floristry and you know what, the decision to stay was the best thing I ever did!!
  4. there is also a possibility that some places put labels with the most recognisable name on the label. Some people also get freaked out at the thought that one plant could have come from two plants of the same genus but a different species, my boyfriend always have trouble with this. I always have to explain to people that a plant called X ventrata (using this here cos i can't think of any others) is like a child. I always say the child is X ventrata because it has come from a mum that is called alata and a father called ventrocosa. THey always say, yeah but where does the X come from and I hav
  5. I get annoyed when the latin name doesn't get put on the labels cos latin is universal in the plant name, vernacular names change depending on where you are from, I never called my nep a monkey cup for example, i have always called it a pitcher. and in france they are most deffas not called monkey cups. I would also like orchids to have the full name not just the family or the "common" name or even the genus. I have a dendrobium orchid and I am pretty sure it doesn't have a real name cos i can't find it on the tinterweb (it does) it just has so many varieties of common name or species name so
  6. That might be a good idea, my BF said he can probably get some from his work for me. Thanks for you're help!! :)
  7. Hope you guys can tell me what my nep is! :)
  8. [/img] This is it now [/img] This is it when i first got it [/img] This is the new pitcher!!
  9. This is is it when it was littler than now: This is the new large, new pitcher!! This is it now, sorry about the blurrines, i was having trouble with the ISO on my camera!
  10. Erm I still can't figure it out, i feel really silly
  11. Okay so, when I worked at Kew in the orchid section and even in the cacti section the best tools we had to remove mealy bug was, a paint brush, cleaning alcohol and water. we would wipe the mealy bug of with a paint brush dipped in alcohol and then spray the plants with water so that the alcohol didn't burn them. Don't know if you have tried this already but it does work. It also makes sure the eggs/larvae are killed in the process
  12. If you're interested in Orchids like I am, I wonder if you would be interested in my dissertation topic I'm not sure if I can link it to this post but I have done a website for it so people can follow what I am doing for the project. its at Let me know what you think :)
  13. How do I upload photos? I have never understood how to do this on forums
  14. Its okay guys, my friend couldn't get me any but my wonderful boyfriend found out about what needed to be done (by this I mean, I told him you guys suggested a better compost) and he went and found me some compost for my nep and he bought it home as a present so now exams are finished I can re-pot it in the adequate compost, one more question though, its got a brand new, rather large pitcher, with two more on the way (sound like I'm talking about babies ) so do I wait or can I re-pot now even with the pitchers?? Cheers guys!
  15. Okay so my friend said he'd get some for me. So peat and perlite mix with spaghnum moss sound good to you??
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    I am not sure at all, lol, it does look like the ones i worked with but you could be right, I got bought it as a present and the label with it says alata. *shrugs* either way I'm happy to have one :)
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    Thanks guys ^^. I did like working at Kew and i tell you what the pitchers where huuuuge!! :) I did quiet like the collection of other CP's as well :)
  18. I have taken all the pelets out now, they were quiet easy to spot and they were quiet big! I will monitor the state of the plant, i will buy some specific compost soon just as soon as I get a little bit of money! :)
  19. I'm not too far from Thurock, when i have finished uni exams i will take a trip and have a look, cheers guys!
  20. The thing is, the compost it was in before seemed to be similar (It was a christmas present bought from a Garden Centre. I am unable to use rainwater as I live in a flat and can't collect it in any way, it doesn't seem to mind the water though. Would removing the fertiliser pellets be worth it? Its slow release and only breaks when watered. Just for the time being, until I can afford to get some more compost.
  21. Hi, My Nepenthes alata had suddenly got too big for its pot and so I repotted it. I am however unsure about the compost that I used and am wondering if I should change it. I am a poor student and the compost I used I already had. It is miracle grow peat compost, with slow release fertilizer in it. I looked at the label and there it is basic. The water here in essex is quiet hard and can cause the soils to be quiet acidic or alcaline, i know nepenthes appreciate this! I know peat and perlite work well and spaghnum moss is needed but i just wanted to know if I should leave the plant in the
  22. Bee girl


    I am new here and I am a new carnivorous plant owner!! I own a Nepenthes alata baby, that is growing rather quickly! I also own two orchids and if the nepenthes ends up growing happy then I may get some new ones!!! I worked at Kew Gardens as an intern for some work experience and worked with the Nepenthes on a few occasions it was fun :). I study horticulture and have a massive interest in botanical and tropical specimens!!
  23. First I catch Orchid fever, now do I have Carnivorous Plant fever??