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  1. Hey,

    My nepenthes has been acting strange, its leaves are going grey and are a bit floppy in places, I have been watering it as normal but I have moved it to somewhere with less light, could this be the problem?? We have moved house and some parts are a bit darker, would I be better off moving it to the bathroom. I have re-potted it also as it needed it.

    Any help would be appreciated :)


  2. Mantrid, this is just something in addition, please tell me, this information won't actually be in the final copy, well not all of it anyway. Message me and let me know so I can amend them if needed.

  3. Yeah it is my Nepenthes, the reason why I asked is because I did read somewhere that you are supposed to feed them your self. I was just unsure, I'll wait until it is fully open and leave it a few days. I have two more pitchers on there and it looks like there is a fourth one starting :) quiet excited :).

  4. Sooooooooo.......the new pitchers are growing happily, the larger one is opening, what do I do once its opens, I have meal worms already as I feed my pets with them (I have three little ratties) do I wait a few days before feeding them to the pitcher? Do I feed the pitcher at all??


  5. Hi guys,

    I have forgotten the name of this plant and I was wondering if you could help me find it. While I was at Kew they used to use a natural way of monitoring pests. It was a plant that I was told was carnivorous, it had to be submerged in water, the leaves were flat and a light, yellowish green leaves. It would also have a pink flower on a single spike.

    The insects would get stuck to the leaves, a bit like a sticky trap, the yellow ones you get in horticulture nurseries.

    Any one have a clue??

  6. I think Florestry has changed since then, a lot of my friends are doing that as a degree in the same place as me and one of them is making quiet a bit of money. People are probably more open to paying for the floral designs than they did in 1995. I have no interest in florestry myself, i did do it for a year as an extra module on one of my hort courses cos i believe, if you're going to spend £20 on flowers, you might as well buy an orchid or something cos it lasts longer!

  7. Its not just about standing in the cold, its about making a garden be a little safe haven for people, I don't mind the cold, I used to live in the Alps, just wrap up warm. Minimum wage straight out of uni is not bad. I have been looking at the jobs to see what there is, there are some jobs out there that have quiet good wages.