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  1. All I have is something called Roseclear which can be seen here. Will that be good enough? It is a pesticide but it is also a fungicide.
  2. Hi, so my vft has managed to survive the English winter - although it was quite mild this year - but I have a worry about it. I left it alone and didn't give it water, only once or twice so when I checked on it last saturday I noticed white spots. Upon further inspection, I noticed that they was a bit like cotton so I immediately thought it was mealybugs. I have had mealy bugs on my other vft last year and it unfortunately died, but on this one there aren't as many mealybugs on it. Also the new growth doesn't seem to have any mealy bugs on it. I have some pictures (but it may be hard to tell): There are some black spots on some of the leaves also, and some dead bugs are still in a few of the traps which have crusted over. Shall I drown my vft for 2-3 days to be on the safe side? Also I have a pot to re pot this vft into, shall I do it now? Furthermore, you can also see that I have a flower growing. I want to keep the flower if possible, as I want to see it and maybe get some seed from it.
  3. well the seeds I had were old so I don't think they liked the water too much and I am impatient. anyway I took then out and planted them in coir. some were starting to get roots on so I was gentle but I may have damaged them. we will see. also my leaf pulling is planted but I don't know whether I have done it right. in a couple weeks we will see.
  4. Here is the link for the water propagation method, it is very detailed. I did a leaf pulling 2 months ago. I put it into rain water not distilled water though. It has worked still but it has took longer than I would have expected it to. It has even got a root on so I am thinking of planting it into my coir mix and see how it does.
  5. yeah and also leaf pullings and flower stalks. I will post a couple links tomorrow.
  6. So my vft seeds that I put into water aren't germinating. some have a little root on but some don't. the reason why I did it this way was because I will be planting them in coir. they have been going for a month.
  7. thought it was suppose to say not so much
  8. It is out all year anyway. So just pour a load of water in? Shall I do it as soon as it opens?
  9. Do the pitchers of Sarracenia Purperea need to be filled with water? Because my old pitchers that are dying are filled with water from the rain. Also I have one developing pitcher and that is it. Is that normal?
  10. I am going on holiday for a week so I want to know the best way to keep it topped up whilst on holiday.
  11. I am going on holiday for a week so I want to know how I can keep enough water for my sarracenia purperea plants topped up. The new growth has been dying when it is like 10 cm big but the newer growth is coming through fine.
  12. nah, they come in through the window because they are always open. the moths also use this method to get in but what are you going to do if you want a cool and breezy house.
  13. Is de-ionized water the same as distilled. Can I use it on my vft. My seeds are already in the de-ionized water so it may be too late to change.
  14. I think I will make my own as I only want a little bit.