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  1. Hi there, i'm looking forward to buying some drosera schizandra, and found out that website has a great selection of sundews... any experience?
  2. uh! i didnt know! i hope the date was anyway accurate... furthermore it hasnt changed since march, so i suppose and hope it's all right
  3. i was asking you as i was told by a guy that lowrie's nooks are likely to be released in november as stewart's date are not always that accurate even though he has best intentions...i definitely hope the book will be available in july as stewart said
  4. Hi guys, i tried to communicate via e-mail with redfern natural history in order to know when Allen Lowrie's new books are gonna be released, but they haven't still answered... Anybody knows if they're having any problem?
  5. nope, i took it from rexplants, so they wouldn't put such an accurate job online :)
  6. http://maps.google.it/maps/ms?msid=204282742135858614351.0004b291c98b831d5f1b6&msa=0
  7. uhhhmmmm.... well, the main problem is in that i don't know how Netherlands' weather is right now.... here it's warm, so i would repot the plant and no problem... Anyway, if the container is so small Brocchinia's suffering, you better change it. Personally, i would suggest you could use the same soil suitable for Heliamphora, so 30:20:20:30 sphagnum:peat:bark:perlite. By the way, 50:50 perlite:peat will do well :)
  8. I've ordered a few plants from Araflora (Gert Hoogenstrjid) about a week ago... yesterday he wrote me an e-mail saying that he'll be able to ship the plants next monday or wednesday... Have you evere ordered plants from him? Were thay all ok? And first of all, how long does it take to receive the order?