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  1. I keep mine in the same conditions but now temps here are definitely higher. Some are flowering, some are just STILL. Like gypsicola, cyclosecta etc... I've tried to water them more but one rotted in a few days, so I'm keeping them drier now. Btw I they seem to be in delay this year, this is what concerns me
  2. Hello, I was reading some discussions on various forums/fb posts where some growers said that they prefer "forcing" their plants to wake up by starting to water them in April/May, while others wait for the plants to decide when it's time... . What do you guys think of that?
  3. Normally I don't use it either, but I found that pygmies like a lot pure sand mixed with some gravel in the top layer
  4. I think in this case the colour could even be natural... anyway I tried it with some acid (HCl) and no gas was released, so i'll try with a little pygmy Drosera I have....
  5. Well, it actually is quarz, and quarz comes in different colours, from white to pink/red and I think yellow too. This quarz is ceramic coated, a quite common process used to prepare some kinds of gravel/sand for the aquarium: the ceramic layer is extremely thin.
  6. Hello, I have a small bag of this ceramic quarz for aquarium, the salesman ensured me it is completely safe in water... though has anyone of you guys ever used it? The brand is "Wave Gravel"
  7. Wow thank you all for your answers! Yes, I was simply looking forward in order to know where to look for them in November/December XD Thanks, yes it is a good option actually :) Grazie! Seems really interesting, have you ordered from them yet?
  8. Aw really? Thanks I'm gonna check... though I was concerned they might arrive dead after such a long journey (?)
  9. Hello, do you know if there is an online-shop selling pygmy Drosera gemmae during the right season? (Europe possibly) Thanks
  10. Hi there, anyone of you has experience of growing P. grandiflora on tuff or limestones?
  11. Hello, does anyone know how to contact Mr. Gluch in order to get a pricelist of his plants? I have realised that his website isn't updated.
  12. Wow! Sounds veeery tasty.... the second best book after the savage garden? *.*
  13. Yep it'd woul be extremely useful... though I wonder if Peter hadn't tried it... or at eat seaweed-based proiducts similar to the ones available in Europe and UK in general... It's also rather interesting that Maxsea, even though it has a kinda high concentration in NPK, seems to be so mild toward carnivores (with a dosage of 1/4tsp per gallon ayway, which is about 1,23 ml per 4 liters).
  14. I've ordered mine about one month ago nd these are the first results (non-treated plant on the left vx treated plant on the right) Peter has talked of Maxsea of a very special seaweed-based fertilizer amonsgt others
  15. Yep i mentioned it... i was talking about books they have in stock.... so you mean those ones actually arrive fast?
  16. Hi there folks... i'm opening this topic as yes, i'm a Redfern books lover yet seeing how long it took for them to release etc Lowrie's Magnum Opus i'm a little bit concerned about their shipping timetable. It says that "in stock items are dispatched in 24 h"... do you have any experience? Is it how it actually works?
  17. there are many growers who usually do. I let flower Drosophyllum, Byblis and all the droseras, except for D. regia. I've noticed Srracenias do definitely better if i cut the stems, they grow faster
  18. I don't know what to say, i told which were my experiences through the tears. As i said there is no single rule to grow cp and many other plants
  19. Well, there could be so much to be discussing about... it also depends on the clones you get and from casual stuff. It's like Cephalotus. Many say it's a sly and hard cultivation plant, but under many points of view it's easier than other "starter" species
  20. Hi there mate... mh, there are many different opinions about this topic. Personally, i cut off every flower from almost any plant, and they produce many more leaves. Otherwise, many other growers say you can let it. In this case, being the King Sundew a bit fragile itself, i'd definitely cut it.