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  1. Hello, my carnivorous plants in cultivation in terrarium ! Valentin.. :)
  2. Thanks, Tish ! Hello, Some photo since I cultivate my héliamphora under leds.. Heliamphora x Téquila Heliamphora Huberi ( Akpan Tepui ) and Nepenthes Veitchii golden péristome. H.Pulchella ( Amuri Tepui ) Best Regards, Valentin
  3. Thanks, Richard ! Yes, i love fine tooth ! It's very nice clone! :)
  4. Good evening, some picture.. Utricularia Reniforimis "Small" HL2 H.Huberi ( Akopan Tepui ) Drosera All Red! DM17 All Green DM63 Sl0014 Fine Tooth x red clone 1 Fused Tooth Spider Best regards, Valentin
  5. No, it is the terrarium in polystyrene to extrude that I have make I even to measure..
  6. Thanks you, the leds is strongly acted on the shoot of my heliamphora!
  7. Hello, my jungle.. I am to cross(spend) in Leds some times(weathers) ago here is the result(profit).. Apollo 4 / 130watts. Valentin..
  8. SFRB09 S. flava var. rubricorpora -- Liberty Co, Fla (Very Dark)(F30) ( SFRB23 - Cédric.A ) SO04 oreophila Tall form, [ O20 ,MK] SRJ01 rubra ssp jonesii SL04 S. leucophylla - Walton (Carnilandes SLE-011) SFVO08 var ornata, Red form, Holley FL,W [ F67 , M.K ]
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