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  1. I've never done it myself but at this page there are pictures of it. It's in Dutch, but the picture says it all.. http://www.flytraps....meerdering.html
  2. It's the same plant indeed, it had 7 traps on the other photo and 6 here+one leaf cutting and It's in exact the same position in your greenhouse as on the other photo...
  3. Lac de Lispach This site is close to La Bresse. It is a "floating" swamp in a lake (Lac de Lispach). You can walk around the lake, you will eventually find a beam so you can enter the swamp. If you start your walk around the lake you will see drosera rotundifolia on a small island after 5 seconds of walking. Easy to find! You will also find drosera's around the lake when walking to the swamp. Once on the swamp there are thousands of rotundifolias, and harder to find, anglica. If you leave the swamp and you continue your way (walking around) you will also pass a little, drier swamp near the street where little drosera's grow. Pics: (Click on the pictures to enlarge)
  4. I put all my VFT's in water to (Only have about 50) (not in winter ofcourse). At the dutch forum I read that most people do this. But I let a part of the water evaporate (roots still in water) before watering again. Otherwise they are in old water.I think you can just use the method you prefer. My VFT's are doing great in water, so I'm not changing it.
  5. Yesterday I visited Christian Klein, so I took some pictures. Only Ipod pictures, nothing very special. Just to give you an impression. Also 2 short videos (hothouse and polytunnel), videos are a bit shocky, bit to enthusiastic maybe To see the pictures: (Made up this little free site because it's easy to upload)
  6. Also a few photos I took: (Only Ipod photos, nothing special ;))
  7. I got some questions about tissue culture plants, I will put the plants in a greenhouse, should I put growlights on on cloudy days? I want to put plastic foil over the plants for the humidity and build off (if someone know how long I should put it over...). I have an air pump with 2 outlets, should I put this under the plastic foil for some air circulation? Any other tips are appreciated and my last question is, what plants are the easiest to acclimize, Dionaea? Thanks a lot for the help
  8. I'm from Belgium, close to Leuven. It seems that I'm not the only one
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