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  1. I use peat with perlite for my Sarracenia and many other plants. I wouldn't go for sand with sarracenia.
  2. I plan on transforming the 16sq meter greenhouse into a highland greenhouse. It is now being used for my tomatoes But that is a project for the winter, so the greenhouse is ready for the spring. And I have a few other projects for the future. I will keep you guys updated...
  3. So I thought I would share some pictures of my greenhouse, unfortunately I could not find many pics of the building of the greenhouse
  4. Welcome, I've visited a spot there nearby with rotundifolia and anglica.
  5. Welcome, also someone from Belgium here :)
  6. Cut the stalk off when it is still small.
  7. Killian

    Bio 2

    It does show the characteristics of Biohazard, maybe not complete After all it's not the name but the plant that is important...
  8. Killian

    Bio 2

    Plant is from Christian Klein (carnivorsandmore). It is not being sold (yet). A green biohazard, different from the normal biohazard and it seems to be stable for now but it is still being tested.
  9. Well, I'm not 100% sure about the climate there but assuming it is pretty much the same as here in Belgium you may want to consider a heater if you have any special Dionaea cultivars. You could put the drosera inside but if it doesn't freeze to bad it can even come back from their roots but best is to put inside. I don't have very much experience with unheated dormancy but I'm pretty sure many people here on the forum do. Anyway if you would buy a heater I would go with an electrical one for a small greenhouse and you can also heat only when it's really needed.
  10. Don't want to steal your thread but it happens that I'm also doing a small experiment , 3 days ago i potted up a few plants and today another 2. I'm also interested in the difference between peat and lfs. My plants are grown in a greenhouse (maybe this will also get different results). I think if the spagnum would get better results, it will only be a very small difference. Anyway: Oh yeah, I'm using peat with an amount of perlite and chilean spagnum moss :)
  11. Killian

    D. communis

    Also spatulata? It was sold to me as communis I'm confused..:
  12. I did visit him and I bought some plants, all the plants I saw were very healthy. But I have no experience with online orders..