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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

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    From the album: My GH

  8. I have found this also quite interesting: Especially these 2 links:
  9. Ah I thought there might have been a chance that I knew you :-) It is the dutch speaking belgian CP society
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Welcome! I live only 20km from Brussel, always welcome to visit ;) Are you a member of Drosera vzw? Killian
  12. I have some mexican pinguicula incl esseriana in my greenhouse. The greenhouse is kept frost-free. Sometimes there is a little bit of frost but only very short and not often. A few days ago my pots were frozen a little but they didn't mind. So it does work in my conditions, you could give it a try. Oh and I keep them also rather dry during winter.
  13. The pictures aren't very good but I post them anyway:
  14. I did do taekwon-do, also ITF but I did quit a while ago. I did quit when I was red belt with black. I do regret that I didn't go on to black.
  15. Welcome back, are you doing ITF or WTF?
  16. You can only name it "Typical" if it didn't come with a name. Also if a flytrap you purchased looks like some cultivar then you can't just name it like that.
  17. You could visit Keith Wilson. I did visit him earlier this year.
  18. I use peat with perlite for my Sarracenia and many other plants. I wouldn't go for sand with sarracenia.