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  1. Peat with tiny amounts of fertilizer I believe
  2. They are indeed thriving, it is a very healthy location with many adult plants but also many younger plants.
  3. Some nice pictures here too:
  4. Looking at the brown pot where it was standing in when you got it, this plant originally comes from carniflora or another dutch nursery and they use fertilized peat to grow these (small amounts). This is probably the reason why they have these beautifull psittacina with big pitchers. Try putting 4 pellets of osmocote 6 month type at the beginning of spring next year in the pot.
  5. I repot in spring and winter. I usually start doing vft's in winter and then I start doing the sarracenia in late winter and early spring. I start early because otherwise I won't be ready. During winter I try to cut back brown pitchers to prevent mould in the greenhouse and usually when finally repotting I cut of almost everything because it saves me a lot of time later and to allow more light for new growth.
  6. For those of you that don't use facebook, here are some pics from my collection taken throughout the year.
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  8. A slightly better picture of this one, the colour is better in real: It is S. x moorei, red to purple E K├Ânig Clone 1
  9. Hello guys, I made some quick shots from my growing area with my phone. I will try to make some better shots from single plants in a few weeks when my exams are over and when I have my new camera Click on the pics to enlarge
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