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  1. Looks like Thrips based on the shape on the first picture.
  2. If it is just for Sarracenia I'd go for glass.
  3. Zone 8A should be fine for your plants to go in dormancy. Zone 8A has plenty of carnivorous plants such as Sarracenia and Dionaea naturally occurring. If I'm not mistaken there is even Sarracenia alata in Texas in either 8B or 9A. Temperature is not the only factor for plants to go in dormancy but there is also the aspect of photoperiod (daylength). Kind regards, Killian
  4. BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY All orders between now to 30/11 will receive a free Sarracenia regardless of order amount and 2 named Sarracenia when the order amount exceeds €50. Get them before Brexit ;)
  5. Update on the webshop today, likely the last one before winter. As always some are very limited available.
  6. Update in the Sarracenia purpurea category: (plus also some leuco and alata added). In other news I also have some nice seedgrown plants: Seedgrown individuals from Foley, Alabama. I believe I am the first to offer these. A nice cross by Miroslav Srba: MKA22 x MKA28 Killian
  7. We sell mainly Sarracenia and other winterhardy carnivorous plants at The webshop was originally only in Dutch but now it is also available in English and German! This way the entire website should be easy to navigate. The entire order process is thus available in Dutch, German and English. Although some texts are still in Dutch such as care sheets. French is still a work in progress. I am based in Belgium (company number 0676.997.939) and I ship within the EU with track&trace. Therefore I guarantee healthy arrival of plants. All Sarracenia are shipped bare-root with pitchers intact, in sturdy boxes, as long as you choose for a shipping option with track&trace. Shipment costs I have, what I believe, are pretty competitive shipping rates. For example: France with track&trace €14,99 Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg with track&trace €9,99 I do not longer ship to the UK since it is not in the EU anymore! Free shipping (with track&trace) if order amount exceeds:Belgium - €39,99NL,DE- €59,99FR,LUX - €79,99 Rest of the EU- €119,99
  8. Hello Killian,

    what does  mean KD-H57  your own classification or  your own production.



  9. Carnivora FB page: A list of speakers we can confirm at this moment: Simon Poppinga - These plants suck –Biomechanics, functional morphology and diversity of bladderwort (Utricularia spp.) traps Laurent Taerwe - Conservation of Nepenthes in situ Christiaan Dietz - Carnivorous Plants in the Western Cape, South Africa Damien Jouen - Drosera petiolaris complex Michael and Caroline Schöner - echolocation by bats on Nepenthes More: - EEE_speakers.html
  10. I think Mike King used to use guinea pig droppings for purpureas. I'm sure that he has some info on this in some of his youtube videos.