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  1. Hello Killian,

    what does  mean KD-H57  your own classification or  your own production.



  2. I don't think araflora supplies wholesale plants. The assortment of most wholesale nurseries is pretty much the same with Carniflora having a rather big assortment, some wholesale suppliers that might export to the UK: Carniflora as mentioned: Stricker plants: Cresco: Lammehave: It also seems that Corn. Bak. is now selling a larger variant of venus flytraps: I think those are the most important companies that produce them in big quantities and might possibly export them to the UK, there are a few others though but most don't really have other products than the ones listed here.
  3. Carnivora FB page: A list of speakers we can confirm at this moment: Simon Poppinga - These plants suck –Biomechanics, functional morphology and diversity of bladderwort (Utricularia spp.) traps Laurent Taerwe - Conservation of Nepenthes in situ Christiaan Dietz - Carnivorous Plants in the Western Cape, South Africa Damien Jouen - Drosera petiolaris complex Michael and Caroline Schöner - echolocation by bats on Nepenthes More: - EEE_speakers.html
  4. I think Mike King used to use guinea pig droppings for purpureas. I'm sure that he has some info on this in some of his youtube videos.
  5. Nice pictures Koen, good to see more people from Belgium here. Where do you live?
  6. I have found these traps at Carni Flora but they are not stable usually.
  7. Killian

    Seed grown Dionaea

    The second one is really nice, would love to have one.
  8. Wow, that's a lot. Here it is €12 for 100l if you know where to get it.
  9. Not pointless at all, atleast people are warned now and will not fall for it. Anyway a simple search on the forum could've answered the question:
  10. Bayer Provado, which is the same as Calypso in Europe, is safe to use on most CP's. But I'd still advice to test it out first using only small amounts. Aphids are one of the easier pests to get rid off, should take about 24hrs.
  11. As far as I know they have a winter break.
  12. I don't really think Christian is trying to give it a different name, he is just putting the name of the grower where he got this from as pretty much everyone does with a growlist. If i buy a C. follicularis from christian I will label it as: C. follicularis (Christian Klein). If you put something in parenthes it does not mean you are giving a new name. So why do you see this as giving a new name? By the way, if I look at some peoples growlist I see things such as: C. follicularis 'Location A'. Why are those people giving a location clone a cultivar name?
  13. Welcome fellow Belgian ;)
  14. There are some sarracenia that peak early such as oreophila and flava. Pure oreophila are not really growing anymore during summer for example. And there are also some sarracenia that have their peak late summer/autumn such as leucophylla. This is the reason why carniflora produces hybrids that are the result of crossing late season growers with early season growers.