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  1. at that time at speeded growth, in his opinion.
  2. A commercial grower that I knew 20 years ago, dug out his VFT's twice a year. He put them in the fridge for 2 months in big bags with spaghnum and potted it all up again. He said that hey got mature faster than normal. Maybe this is only possible with VFT's. I prefer nature to go its way and feed them a some proteins. Anyway, dormancy can be somewhat shorter. Menno
  3. Ron, also have a look at this one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT I will start with it next year with Heliamphora's
  4. I started to feed with 'Bacto Peptone' which an enzymatic protein hydrolysate. It was obtained in a laboratory where they grow bacteria. I dilute it a lot since I noticed pitchers dying when I totally filled them with a big insect. I will slowly increase the concentration. The reason to do this is that I want to try to make some juvenile Heliamphoras to start making adult pitchers. Some just won't grow passed the juvenile stage. Maybe some extra aminoacids will help. I also use it on young Sarracenia and Cephalotus.
  5. At first I would say: raised from seed from moranensis X agnata ; F2 On the second thought, I think plants were mixed up in a shipment from the producer's greenhouse; some moranensis between agnata's. Often plants grow there by the thousands, shoulder to shoulder. It is quite easy to pick some wrong pots or to mix some during repotting. Menno Sasker
  6. Hi, The flower buds are starting to appear in the rosettes. The first flower of rotundiflora will probably open next week. On nivalis there is no sign yet. succes, Menno
  7. Christan, I am using the soilmix recommended by www.pinguicula.org/pages/pages_principales/pictures.htm All grow well With eur. alpine species I added a bit but didn't dare to add a lot. Menno
  8. buch

    Mex ping mix

    Don't worry about that. I just use it directly but on my bags it says to wash it first. In the next batch of soil tomorrow, I will wash it with rainwater first.
  9. buch

    Mex ping mix

    zakhren, Your mix will work fine and give plenty of air to the roots. Perhaps you can find baked clay in some gardenshop ? You can drush that and add it. I use an adapted 'french ping-mix' from www.pinguicula.org. 2 perlite 2 vermiculte 1 small sand 1-3 mm black (aquarium shop) 1 fine sand (aquarium shop) 1 pouzzolane 2-5 mm. 0,5 granit 2-3 mm. (aquarium shop) 0,5 baked clay, which falls apart upon watering and acts to bind I used to use perlite/vermiculite, with or without peat, but I think the french mix is better. suc6, Menno
  10. Ok. This one may be different. I remembered that about water from the other mexicans. I will have to repot mine too when it has disappeared. Repot in fully dry medium ? thnx, Menno
  11. won't the length of the dormancy depend on the water ? I can force it into dormancy by stopping the water. I imagine that starting watering after 4 months will make it wake up. Menno
  12. fine, Of course you'll always have the risk of fungal attack in those bags with spaghnum. For whatever reason, that nursery never had fungus in there (no fungicide). However, lazy as you are, you would have that risk even without a fridge. suc6, Menno
  13. Hi, I think that VFT's can survive in the fridge for several months (in damp spaghnum). I've known a dutch nursery that did that on purpose to make them grow much faster in "spring". He put his VFT's in the fridge twice a year, which also saved him lots of space. Personally, I have done that (years ago) only over the winter after they had gone to rest in autumn. That nursery didn't care about that 'going to rest' ; pulled off the leaves and put them in the fridge in bags with spaghum. Menno Rotterdam
  14. In fact, soil wouldn't matter that much as long as it let's water run through really well (air !). I use a high content of bark, that you normally throw on your garden; you can go above 50%. For the rest I add some of several things I had: chopped pieces of cork from winebottles, perlite, vermiculte, dried spaghnum, little bit of peat, pieces of foamplastic (polystyren ???; where they pack consumer-electronics in). Hope this might help. Menno