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  1. Hi Linuxman, i think i've tried this and it did indeed create a new seperate album if i remember correctly. It's no big deal i suppose if subfolders can't be created, although it would be a nice option to have if people wanted to organise their galleries better maybe ?
  2. I totally agree. I hope the admins don't mind me posting this, but it's a petition to stop this madness > Please consider signing it, whether you think it will involve CP seeds or not.
  3. Roughly 2 miles away. I only went to pick up some empty plant pots via Freecycle and now look what i'm bleedin addicted to !
  4. I'm still relatively new here and still finding my way around, so forgive me if this has been asked before, i used the search function but couldn't find anything. I recently created an album entitled Welshy's Windowsill (because i live in a flat and it's my only growing option at the moment) and was wondering if it's possible to add subfolders within that album. I've tried but haven't found out if it's possible or not ? I'd like to have Welshy's Windowsill as my primary Gallery title and then create subfolders within relating to individual months, plant species, open day visits, and new additions etc, etc. Is this possible at the moment or has the feature been disabled by the admins ? I've seen it available on various other IP Board forums. I think it would be a nice feature to have. Or you could just tell me to shut up
  5. Thanks to those who pm'ed me, i now have all the information i need :)
  6. Thanks for the info guys, i'll check it out when i've next got a bit of spare cash :) [Edit : Is Nigel the chap at Hampshire CP's ? I see no reference to £8 bare root free p&p]
  7. Wow, i've just realised i want a Regia ! Can anyone help me out ?
  8. I'm in the Neath valleys, South Wales, UK. Just down the road from a nursery you may be familiar with ;) Run by a very nice couple indeed ! (it's their fault i'm here) Although i'm hoping to move to Wigan, Lancashire before the year is out, to be with my partner full time. Or as she likes to say..... "Wiggin, Lankyshire....... NOT Greater Bloody Manchester" ! And i'll then be looking for nurseries and groups in the North West to continue my new found hobby
  9. I went and had a look after reading your post as i had images in my head of having some "decorative" granite mixed with the sphagnum on the top of my windowsill pots. But, ermm........ hardly decorative is it ? Looks more like a potting mix to me ! Would it actually be any good for mixing with peat moss, maybe after a thorough washing ? I agree it's not a bad price at all if it was useable with cp's.
  10. Ah nice one, i have a lowly D3000 but i need to get myself a macro lens when funds permit. Since i bought the D3000 a year ago, i've always thought the colours in my shots were alot more colourful than my previous SLR's, as is also evident in your shots too.
  11. Just thought i'd let you all know that i've created a gallery now which can be found HERE. Nothing much to look at so far, it's more of a personal record for myself to look back on and track progress. But please feel free to leave any comments to a particular photo to aid me get a rough idea what some of the unknown Sarracenia's could be. I understand this may be difficult until the plants are fully grown and coloured, but i'd be interested to hear your thoughts, tips, and advice. I'm here to learn !
  12. Wow, the colour combinations on your Drosera's are very intense, absolutely stunning shots. My first thoughts were that there was some Photoshop trickery going on there, but instead i'm going to ask you what camera you shot these on ? I'm new to cp plants, but you've definately sparked an increased interest in Drosera's for me, thank you !
  13. Ah, thanks for clearing those up Ian. I guess the cat is out of bag now as to who gave me the plants lol. I didn't want to name drop on the open forum, considering i was given a load of freebies, so i hope you're ok about this ? I don't want to rock the boat within days of signing up here. Alexa, yeah i've been reading a little bit into terrariums, but i'm not sure yet if that's the way to go or not for me, as personally i prefer to view plants as nature intended and not behind glass. I don't doubt there are benefits to terrariums, i'm just not sure yet if they're for me. But maybe one day ! It's a case of information overload for me at the moment, so much to read and so much more to learn. One step at a time i suppose, i don't want to run before i can walk ! But i appreciate everyone's tips so far, thank you.
  14. Thanks James and Mark ! The plants i have been given are labelled : S. Leucophylla 'fading vein' S. Leucophylla (unknown) S. Leucophylla LO3 (don't get me confused already !) S. R.G. x S.G. (any ideas what this is folks, i assume it's a hybrid of two?) S. Flava x Alata 'red lid' S. Schnell's Ghost x Rubri (?) S. Purpurea D. Carpensis D. Filaformis 'tracyi' 4 unlabelled VFT's, one with all green traps, two with red/green traps (but 2 different varities i think), and one which i'm sure had all deep red traps and stems when i had it in it's semi dormant state, although the new growth since being on my windowsill seems to be plain green. I've also got some other Sarrencia's which were not labelled at all, so that should be interesting to see what develops. I was also given some random seed heads, which i now beleive may be Sarrecenia's too, so i've already been out and bought peat moss and perlite to sow these ! I've been reading up and looking at photos of S. Purpurea as i've already got one, and as you say James, it seems a suitable size for a windowsill so i'll definately be keeping that one. With regards to Nepenthes and Cephalotus, i'm not sure which ones i'd be interested in specifically at the moment, as so far i've concentrated mainly on researching the plants i have already. I just know though from seeing photos, that they are going to be favourites. I'm not too sure i'm going to be interested in Pings though, they don't really appeal to me......... yet.
  15. Hi all, Well i never thought i'd find myself on a carnivorous plant forum ! A few weeks ago, i went to visit a stranger who was offering free plastic plant pots. So i thought i'd pop along for 2 minutes and grab some, with the intention of using them to start potting common houseplants to brighten up my drab flat that the council had given me after i was homeless. 2 and a half hours later, i was leaving with my pots and also an unexpected half a dozen dormant cp's ! I was also told about this forum, so i thought it only right that i should sign up and start learning how to look after my new 'alien' plants ! I've been reading a wealth of interesting information on here and seen some fascinating, yet curious, photographs. And i must admit i've become hooked ! I live in a first floor flat, so i'm not lucky enough to have a garden or a greenhouse, but i do have two long south facing windowsills with radiators beneath them. Since bringing the plants indoors they've started sprouting new growth rapidly, so more quick research and learning was required ! I was given a selection of Sarracenia's, Drosera's, and VFT's and the majority of them were labelled, which made reading up on them easier. I don't think the Drosera's and VFT's are going to be a problem on my windowsill, but i'm not sure i'm going to want some of the Sarracenia's blocking my outside view if they grow to be about 3 feet tall, like i've read ! But i intend looking after them all for this first season to see which ones i like, and next year i'll probably pass on any that i consider to be too tall and silly for a windowsill ! I think i'll even start my own photo gallery on here to keep a record of their growth. I can honestly say that i've become addicted already, isn't it funny how sometimes something can happen in life that you least expect, and it just grabs your attention and interest immediately. I wasn't even aware that some cp's grow wild in the UK ! Sure, i had a VFT bought from some garden centre when i was a kid, but when it turned black, i thought it was dead and threw it in the bin. If only i knew then what i know now ! I'm already excitedly looking to increase my collection, and i'm hoping to get some Nepenthes and Cephalotus next. These plants fascinate me even more in their appearance, and i think that's where my main interest is going to lie as i progress with my new hobby. Although, i'm open to other suggestions as to what plants would be good for a windowsill, so any recommendations would be gratefully received. Anyway, that's a little bit about me, i'm happy to be here and look forward to learning as much as i can and meeting new friends. And please go easy on me if i start asking some noobish questions on the forums, we all have to start somewhere ! Cheers !