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  1. It has crossed my mind why nepenthes growers never have open days or meets. Is it because we don't want anyone knowing where our collections are located ?
  2. Thanks guys :) I had my burb x eddy from Carnivorous Plants Garden in February 2015, but it's still too small to bother taking photos of yet, biggest pitcher is only about 2cm. Is this hybrid slow for anyone else ?
  3. I was in the greenhouse this morning doing some repotting when it occurred to me that some of my plants are actually starting to get some decent size pitchers on them at last. I guess you don't actually notice them growing in size when you're looking at them several times a day So i've taken some photos of me holding a couple of my biggest pitchers to give a better idea of size... Thanks for looking !
  4. Your rajah is beautiful, good growing !
  5. Seeing as we didn't really find out what would be the consequences to our plants, can i request this thread now be closed before anyone falls out. We're here for the fascinating world of carnivorous plants, not politics. Maybe a new thread about the importing and exporting of plants can be started in the future when we have a better idea of how the laws may change.
  6. I wonder how many people have contacted him to ask if they can have 1/40th for £7.50
  7. Some photos from the past few days.....