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  1. And how does your jars looks like exactly? Do you have a photo?
  2. Hi Mark, Thank you! I saw the products on Duchefa. But they don't sell to individuals, right? Only company's. I bought some PP5 plastic containers, they are suitable for the microwave. After I sterrilize the media in the microwave a let it cool down and but the jars on tightly. Now just wait for seeds to germinate. Thanks again :)
  3. Hi Richard, Is it fixed already? Thanks for the work!
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    What else

    Nespresso? What else..
  5. Hi all, I'm going to give Tissue Culture another shot in a while. Anyone who would like to discuss some knowledge/ideas/tips with me? I'm follow the guide here: I have most of the supplies myself. For the media I'm thinking of buying this: Instead of the original MS media. It's okay, right? Also in the shopping basket is: - Agar - ? Needed? I'm still looking for the right Food Jar Caps, can't find a supplier in EU. Also how to know the caps will fit the baby food jars I have? For the light. Does the seeds need light from day 1 inside the jar? Or from the day they germinated?
  6. Hi hi, So many different lights. What lamp is the best to pick for some indoor Drosera and Dionaea plants and seeds growing? T5 Led. Emitting colors: 11 Red, 4 Blue (660nm red + 450 nm blue) AC85-265V and 5W Lenght is 29 cm. T5 6000K, 3W, AC 220V SMD 2835 lm: 260 Lenght is 28 cm. I noticed these are just 1 stripe LED lights. I see some other use a sort of square size lamp. I think that will fit better. Any ideas or recommendations are more than welcome!
  7. Hehe, allright than I have to wait. Do you know where to buy 'patience'? It's so hard to find!!!
  8. Hello, I have this small breeding tray with cover. I try to grow my own Sphagnum inside it. It get some morning sun and direct light for the rest of the day. But, the best grow conditions as far as I know are high humidity? How to increase the humidity? IMG_0661
  9. Cool stuff in there! Do you feed the plants?
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    Great collection!
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    Seed light box

    What light you got in there? Only ligt or also a heat matt? You use it for seeds?
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    I have the same Humidty meter. Does it work well for you?
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    Hello again

    I made some photo's today. My new bog. I have a plastic cover beside, but I don't use it these days because of the heat (25° C right now). In the corner I sown some Dionaea seeds. It is outside and they get a bit sun. Good conditions for these seeds? Got some new Dionaea's from Carnivorasland! (Great service and fast shipping!) Last week I 'cleaned' out my bog: Got a lot of divisions from it: (Still looking for trades/sells) The bog in 2017:
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    Bog garden

    Ah, voor de holle poten moet ik dus iets verzinnen. Bedankt voor de tip! Enneh, in de winter kan de bak + planten buiten blijven?
  15. Hello to all of you, My name is Melle. A couple of years ago I started to growing some CP. Unfortunately 2 years ago I had to stop for a while. But now the time has come to start again. I have some Sarracenia's left from then. All winterhard and good growers. Later this week I will make a new bog, therefore I'm looking out for Dionaea's and Drosera's. Let's start growing!! :)
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    Bog garden

    Hi all, In a couple of days I will get this table. I would like to plant a couple of Dionaeas and Droseras into it. Can I put in directly in to the ground? 2:1 peat:perlite? Or better to keep potted? Can it stay outside? (Netherlands) the whole year?
  17. Ingredients I need for Dionaea medium is this: List of ingredients for preparing 1 liter of Dionaea muscipula (Venus fly trap) medium: 1/2 MS medium with vitamins (one half of a 1 liter packet or 2.2 grams). Most Tissue Culture Techs uses 1/3 MS for Carnivorous plants with great results. 2 tablespoons of table sugar (about 30g) 1 ml of BAP (1 mg/ml) - leave this out for seeds. It's even optional for explants. Dionaea explants will form callus without it. 1 ml of PPM Agar Distilled water Vinegar and baking soda For medium I want to buy this: 2 MS, 2 Agar, 10 ml PPM, No Hormones Two 1-liter packets of Murashige and Skoog basal medium with vitamins, two 9-gram packets of agar, 10 ml PPM Everything I need. But ingredients list is 1/2 MS. What I buy is 2 MS. Just pick a quarter of the 2 MS, right?
  18. Thanks. So now go do this first: - I will sterilise the test tubes. - Look for FRESH Dionaea seeds. (Do you know a good place to buy?) - Search for the best media for in the test tubes. ( vitamines and stuff) -- Tips are more than welcome! If I am ready I will post some photo's!
  19. Hello, I have read the site's. Very instructive! But I need many materials en stuff I don't have. (But I can buy) The sterilization of the materials should be fine. But I hear sometimes that Tissue Culture also has to work in this way: Use fresh seeds, sterile test tubes and distilled water. One or a few seeds per test tube. 18-20 hours of light per day. And then the seeds should germinate well. Is this a myth, or just lucky? Melle
  20. Thans for the answers! I will read the articles. Hope to get smarter. But you guys say it is very difficult?
  21. Helle all, This weekend I wanna try to use some Dionaea seeds for my TC lab. Some one have experience with this? I have this: I will put 1 seed in every test-tube. - What is the best place to do this? Inside/outside? - Do I need some extra light for this? - What temperature? - What humidity do I need? Thanks all! Regards,