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  1. well it's hardly going to be overnight is it? but given enough time it's possible.
  2. aliciae, capensis and spatulata are all superb starter sundews, they're all super easy to grow and once established they're practically impossible to kill
  3. I think he means it may eventually be re-colonised if left alone for a sufficient enough time
  4. thats a pretty handy thing to read, I should be getting a heterodoxa tomorrow myself (though I don't think I'll keep it outside, englands weather is rather less pleasant that sunny portugal's )
  5. they have a few separate greenhouses at different altitudes, I think there's some vids on youtube though I can't recall where. but I agree I wouldn't say no to living in a giant tropical complex with attached commercial sized greenhouses!
  6. must be taking a leaf out of that loony who runs florafauna.com's book!
  7. Hello again all, So for my first new plant of the year I've decided to bag myself my first ever Heliamphora, a heterodoxa (the one listed here in fact) Anyone have any tips for me? I know heterodoxa is usually considered the easiest species and a good starting point (hence my choice) but any help in not killing it would be appreciated
  8. I am inexpressibly jealous of you right now mate
  9. no worries, this is my baby after all. if anyone has a responsability for it's maintainance it's me
  10. oh and I'd quite like to get those ratings sections filled up so I'd be very appreciative if you could send me your opinions of the suppliers you've used on this list and a rating out of ten for their service and the quality of their stock. either PM me here or email me at [email protected]
  11. thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm going to have a sift through his and bring everything up to date in the next few weeks so stay tuned.
  12. can't recommend them enough mate, nice prices nice plants and nice people too!
  13. wise move. I know my next orders this year will be wither hantsflytrap or carnisana.pl though as those two have been stellar every single time.
  14. At a push you could ask on here, I daresay maybe a few of our resident nep-heads could give you a half decent guess but I feel your frustration with that pack of jokers
  15. oh dear... how much of your actual order has arrived?
  16. At least you got what you bloody ordered from them! I ordered one amongst a few other plants but got only one item of my original order. can't say I was very impressed but hey ho. It sounds like a good hybrid in any case and I'd be really interested to see how it turns out too! good luck with it
  17. Agree 100% with you over xmas they sent me a list of new varieties they're planning on introducing, if you ask they might send you a copy!
  18. I Just got my package this morning. I ordered it at the start of december but what with christmas and all it was delayed in sending till monday. I found Albert to be his usual helpful, polite self throughout, always willing to talk and reply to any queries sent. plants were as always excellent. plus I was lucky enough to recieve a little VFT "Crocodile" as a bonus for the delay. 10/10 as usual from me!
  19. I was going to try and come up with something witty to say here but all my jokes were toadally dreadful.
  20. true, while the political gerrymandering is frustrating in the extreme, the EU does at least have the benefit of a free trade agreement allowing plants and other goods to pass freely within europe.
  21. they were generally in good health on arrival, though the raff has a very poor root system IMO and I hardly got any of my original order. I wouldn't go rushing to switch from matt soper's excellent service if I were you.
  22. Hi all, I recently but in a little order @ roraima.pl for some nepenthes for my xmas present, however suffice to say I didn't quite get what I ordered. instead of a variety of hybrids with spathulata I have instead ended up with the following: N. reinwardtiana N. sibuyanensis N. rafflesiana N. maxima "wavy leaf" N. vogelii N. ventricosa x dubia now, I know reinwardtiana and raff. are easy as pie and grow just fine around the house, however what of the others? I'm hoping the hybrid in there inherits ventricosa's easy to grow genes but outside of that I really have no idea what to expect from any of them so any tips RE their care would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  23. sanguinea is a good bet, that's nice and easy. burkei too- it's similar to ventricosa but much more spectacular IMO and the other reccomendation for you is robcantleyi but that may have to go up there next to hamata- they're a bit on the expensive side but such easy plants its well worth it.
  24. I think you have hit the nail on its head there dave. zealots ruin everything. a bit like the midas touch in reverse- instead of gold everything they touch turns to, well, you get the idea. I just don't get why we can't all get along. what does it matter if you love men, women both or whatever? so long as you're happy together. if everyone thought like that instead of following the bigots and idiots that tell us it's wrong to do anything they don't like then no doubt the world would be a much happier place.