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  1. Taking the plunge on a Hamata at last. hope I can emulate corky's success with it on a windowsill!

  2. my BM had a crap ton of little shoots coming out when I got it- I think it's a side effect of tissue culture? but anyway, last week I seperated them all, only one had a root attached and apart from that one I kept maybe 3 or 4 of the biggest and potted them up with my other cuttings. they seem to be doing well enough so far, with any luck I'll have a raft of easy neps to pass around in a few months
  3. technically it's called lady luck but its the same "recipie" as it were- amp x ventricosa. mines just open to the room but perced in my high light intesity patch up close to the lamps for my lowland tank. this has been it's usual home for the past months: incidentally Mine had 3 seperate little plants in it when I got it instead of just 2, I extracted the smallest and potted it sepaerately in the terrarium... result eh? and that was with a frankly crap heating system. I have an underfloor heater for a reptile tank fitted now which has really warmed things up- should hopefully see the benefit in a bit
  4. So anyone else tried one of these out? I convinced my GF to buy me one for my xmas present, so far so good would love to see some more interesting varieties for sale. a hamata/robc one anyone?
  5. definitely, mine have lumps of limestone rock at the bottom of the pot and some of the grit mixed with the soil for good measure. certainly hasn't done them any harm- look at my p. x weser
  6. Me too I'm game to try grow anything. (just out of interest what's a BE1? )
  7. Got a new heat mat for my lowland terrarium- the thing is actually warm now :D

  8. I saw that and was extremely dubious- nepenthes king? gotta be dodgy as rob's "king of spades" and "king of clubs" are just his own plants as far as I know?
  9. I personally reckon that communication is the most important point of any seller- certainly it's for me, why carnisana have been my favorite seller so far.
  10. Oops, that'll teach me to read two threads simultaneously! sorry!
  11. never mind dimi, give it a few years and it'll be cheap as chips (well maybe not quite that cheap but much better than now eh? )
  12. likeing the hamata how're you growing it?
  13. oh believe me, I'm mentally filing all this information under "useful to know" when I get home tonight it's coffee time for a certain N. fusca & co. though.
  14. I'm glad it isn't just me either I also have trouble with fusca like you said, but I might give fertilising it a go like dave mentioned. it's not like I have much to loose with it anyway. I do wonder if it's worth giving my troublesome ones a bit of the old coffee treatment anyway?
  15. That's fantastic for a years growth which clone is it? I think he has several available... as for vogelii, go for it- I actually got mine as part of a roraima order that went fantastically wrong but I have to say I'm glad I did get this one, had it for a good few months and it's looking very good- showing a fairly decent jump on leaf sizes: despite the fact it's uppers get all the attention I actually really like the lower pitchers of vogelii, heres the biggest one on mine I'm in the finishing stages of acclimating it fully- the pot is in a wide open seal easy bag but it's made the transition easier than anything else I've tried. in fact on my 'sill it's done better than the supposedly easy x rebecca soper which has been a bloody nightmare for me personally.
  16. I have a south east window where the bulk of mine live and I see exactly the same thing- the only thing that continue to grow and pitcher throughout winter was my little robcantleyi so it is indeed possible to manage then, guess I know what I'm saving for now! go for it- as I say I have a south/southeast window that I grow the bulk of my neps on and they all do well there except in winter because of the crappy light situation when the don't pitcher well.
  17. seeing as you're in the US try andreas wistuba's store- he has US distributors so you should get things a bit more reliably and with a lot less trouble- you'll need phytosanitary and CITES certificates if you're ordering outside the EU otherwise
  18. I think my job description probably comes under "general dogsbody" I do watch batteries, strap alterations and minor repairs, serve in the shop, I'm the 1 man IT department and this april I'll be doing the books too. all in all I think I'll be the cog that keeps everything else turning shortly. not sure how I feel about that really
  19. that's brave keeping it inside- don't they honk a bit?
  20. I had some stuff from carnivoria- no problems. nice plants, nice prices. I second carnisana, fab prices, the plants are quality and the service is second to none.
  21. I hear a lot of conflicting views on N. hamata- some say it's easy as pie and others reckon it can be quite picky about it's conditions. So how do you think one would do on a windowsill personally? I have a few different (relatively easy mind you) species like maxima, robcantleyi, vogelii and bokorensis all growing happily side by side there so how do we reckon a hamata would manage?
  22. all very interesting, thanks
  23. agree with this 100% I'd be happy tojust say, pay the postage for a sample of seed and then grow them on as part of an effort to introduce an endangered species into cultivation. the proceeds could be put back into conservation efforts for wild populations of said plants even. also as an aside to paul, how do they farm coral exactly? you've piqued my interest now
  24. the logistics of an international register of sellers and collectors would be unbeliavable difficult to sort out. but I do like the idea an who knows, it may even make trading a bit easier- giving us verified contacts to use to sell and buy with and the like
  25. Just seen some bloke get banned from the highland nepenthes group on facebook for trying to flog poached N. klossii plants so I thought I'd better flag it up here, just in case someone tries to do it here too. EDIT: forgot to pop it in here earlier- he's aparrently going by the name of felix.