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  1. tool wise my mam and dad always swore by spear and jackson, how do they hold up in your opinion? yeah, I live nearish to matlock and there are a couple over that way, one is a blue diamond chain one where I rescued a couple of N. x ventrata from certain death. theres one further along called scotland and they're ok, they have a couple of people there who are really good to ask questions of. my dad's plum tree caught something and he couldn't tell if it was silver leaf or canker. problem all solved now
  2. well, I re-homed it in my terrarium yesterday evening so fingers crossed the warmth will do it some good. I'm so glad I finally got the heating sorted on it now, all my lowlanders are really starting to look much better.
  3. Welcome Elliot! I moved to derbyshire about 7 years ago but I'm from Leeds originally so good to see another yorkshireman on!
  4. believe me if I had the space for it I would snap your hand off, what a gorgeous plant!
  5. I might try that, I had expected robc's (exceptionally easy in my experience) highlander genes to counteract the need for too warm a or humid environment but who knows, might be worth a shot.
  6. well I picked clone 4 so guess I made a good pick there :)
  7. absolutely this, especially if you're new to carnivores. it'll help you get a feel for the plants before making the jump to the much more difficult process of raising from seed.
  8. I'd have gone anyway, I LOVE book shops, especially the proper old ones, you know, like a rabbit warren inside, slightly musty and always much larger on the inside than the external dimensions would seem to allow for our house if full of books on every subject and is always saddens me when I go to someone elses house and they don't have any bookcases at all. I have two full ones of my own and I'm only 20! my grandad (the one I mentioned in another post with the special slug fork) used to make me little willow bows and arrows from sticks from the tree he had at the top of the garden. bit of good honest fun :) my general love of plants and gardening stems I think, from those happy days as a kid knocking around the garden with him.
  9. hi kylie, first things first, welcome to CPUK, if you're looking to get into Carnivores then this is the place as far as seeds go nepenthes seed is difficult to obtain sometimes because it looses it's viability fairly quickly so you probably want to keep an ear to the ground on the forums for the US to see if any growers over your side of the pond have anything available as you never know how long stores have had the seed they're selling. nepenthes take a LONG tome to grow to maturity, especially from seed so you may want to pick up a few actual plants in the meantime, there are plenty of easy nepenthes species and hybrids that will enjoy a sunny windowsill. as far as your current one goes, post us a picture and we'll probably be able to ID it for you
  10. Looking good matt! pleased to see you back around the place! would hate to have lost an experienced grower like you for good
  11. haha it was an aborted project that I was trying to set up around crimbo time. figured I'd eventually need more space. one day I will finish getting it sorted and fit a bit of lighting to it :)
  12. I was rather pleased with how well it works. it just struck me as a great way to keep the cutting in a humid environment with plenty of water might try some d. prolifera in one too as they appreciate higher humidity.
  13. just thought I'd poke my head up, Dicon was kind enough to offer me a cutting from one of his bokorensis plants in august last year, the refernce he gave me for it was MDR008m (type) and it's been growing on my windowsill since then, with I have to say, some very satisfactory results. it's outperformed my sanguinea, xrebecca soper and some other supposedly easy neps. it's certainly the easiest "interesting" species I have. some pics... and a developing pitcher on it's way
  14. well, heres an interesting extension of the bio-domes concept, I recently did a round of basal cuttings from some of my easier neps and my girlfriend happened to have a plastic bun case or two lying around the place from her baking and I thought hey, why not try one n there- what's the worst that could happen. so I went and planted a little ventricosa "white pitcher form" in it and sure enough, after I checked today it had rooted nicely. so score 1 for plastic bun cases pics of course...
  15. anyone else growing this one? I have one on my windowsill but it's reluctant to pitcher for me, any tips for me? It's growing well enough as is but I'd really like to see some pitcher action from it- should I give it the old coffee treatment or will it not appreciate the nutrient boost?
  16. mines just come into flower so I thought I'd show off a pic or two. is it self fertile? because I'd hate to loose it from my collection and it's potmate, D. Communis
  17. as an aside to what paul said, if the trees do end up being no good and you chop 'em- see if they have knot straight knot free trunks as you could consider selling them to a bowyer- fruit wood makes for good bows so I'm told.
  18. just the bog standard Philippines form the trunc will be on the windowsill with my robcantleyi seeing as it seems to like it and the two are related, the raff will be going in my lowland tank if I can fit it, if not then it'll be joining the window gang. I think I'll start the hamata in my little high light intensity spot so it doesn't get roasted by the sun but still gets its light dose how long does AW take to dispatch usually?
  19. well, looks like charcoal and rice husk will be making an appearance in my mixes shortly then I really hate perlite- it's just so horrible to work with
  20. along with robcantleyi I think it's one of the definitive collectors species. I'm dying to see a cross between the two!
  21. what can I use instead of that blasted white rubbish? I hate perlite, it gets everywhere washes out of substrates after a while and is a general pain in the posterior to use
  22. might be keeping this order quiet from my girlfriend- threw in a raff and a truncata too so i ended up at about 75 euros worth all told- I'll never hear the end of it if she finds out!
  23. Well, I'm taking the plunge, one hamata clone 4 from andreas wistuba ordered, we shall see how it turns out, though if it grows half as well as corky's has I will be well pleased
  24. eurgh I don't like leeches, my grandad served in burma with the fleet air arm during the war and he always said they were a nightmare, though apparently applying a lit cigarette to the arse end of them makes them let go pretty sharpish.