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  1. I heard from someone that all current available clones are supposedly male. Is there any truth in that or is is just hearsay? The chap himself didn't know for sure so I thought I'd ask here. I ask because I was thinking about getting a pair and hoping with a lot of luck to get a breeding pair going.

  2. Do you get much foul weather on your bedroom windowsill then Sam, sounds like the roof may need repairing mate ? :laugh2:

    with some of the storms I have been wondering if I'd take a lightning strike there  :wink:  but no, my room is right above the kitchen and it's usually the warmest in the house :D

  3. I reckon truncata and it's close cousin robcantleyi are easily the most tolerant plants in the genus, in my experience robcantleyi even outdoes the bombproof x ventrata for sheer tenacity. it's the only nep on my windowsill that keeps growing all year round, I only just got a truncata but it looks to be following its cousin's nature pretty well.

  4. bit of an update on the robcantleyi front: I've had the plant for nearly 10 months now and it has proved it's self a slow but relentless grower, putting out leaf after pitcher after leaf after pitcher. it was the only nep I have that never missed a beat over winter when everything else slowed right down.it's just opened it's latest pitcher a day or two ago :D


    shot from above:


    and another of it's newest pitcher :smile:



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  5. I have snails rotting in my purps outside, one smells so bad ive called it theon because it reeks!

    XS5LK.gif  haha :D


    as to the question of the thread, mealworms are AOK in my books, though they are a bit big for smaller plants so I tend to favour bloodworms crumbled into the pitchers instead.

  6. Thats great man!  I'm so glad this method of fertilizering nepenthes is proving itself year after year.

    I've had good results previously with my x ventrata and coffee but I was wary of trying with a less "bombproof" plant. definitely glad I did though.

  7. in the uk the 2 biggest cash contributors in donations to any political party are made by the Gallagher group and the diaggeo group, those 2 groups are responsible for ALL tobacco and alcohol sales in the uk, they have stopped plain packaging and minimum unit pricing through financial back handers to the govt.

    big alcohol and tobacco are terrified of the public finding an alternative to their disgusting addictive and killer products.

    and they say the govt. isnt corrupt...by who's standards? russias? burmas? I don't see the point in prohibition, I really don't. it just criminalises whole segments of the population for no good reason. people like heroin addicts are to be pitied, not abused and incarcerated.

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  8. I guess i'm lucky, my local pet store gets live sphagnum moss in for me at £5 for 2 litres and its good stuff too. 50-50 peat perlite mix is always a safe start in my opinion though.

    I wouldn't fancy such a heavy mix as 50:50 peat perlite for nepenthes. For me It needs to be lighter than that ideally.
  9. What do you pot your plants in then? I see most 'guides' and such praising live sphagnum / milled sphagnum as if it's some sort of religion!

    a loose mix of orchid bark and perlite and milled sphagnum. I buy it ready mixed from south west carnivorous plants :smile: it works well for me but I've always wanted to try live sphag
  10. Ah, okay =) Well, I suppose that might work, but I'd think the extra shipping costs would far outweigh whatever price difference there is between wistuba and carnisana anyway. Would make for an interesting experiment though!


    I'll try ordering a Fusca from wistuba, and maybe something else while I'm at it :) Any other suggestions? 

    Btw thanks again for helping me out here, appreciate it =)



    Ordered a fusca from Wistuba! A shame they didn't have sphagnum at the moment, as I'm unsure where I can buy sphagnum in Norway. Garden centres don't seem to sell the stuff! :/ They do sell regular peat though.. x_x

    I have the devils own job finding sphagnum moss myself. usually I only ever get it wrapped around the roots of plats I've bought. as for other suggestions, bokorensis is (I find) easy peasy to grow, maxima and to an extent truncata also have reputations for being good beginners plants. bit of a left field suggestion but boschiana might work out for you. I got recommended it when I was first starting out. still haven't got one though :P

  11. Thanks for the tips guys!


    I live in Norway though, and we're not a part of EU. Does that mean that I could get into trouble by ordering neps here? 


    Searched around a bit and found out the following: 


    - all living plants imported to Norway have to come with a phytosanitary certificate.

    - Artificially bred CITES plant species, orchids among others, can be imported from the following countries without a CITES permit (but with a phytosanitary certificate): Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and South Korea.



    I'm quite surprised that the UK isn't on the list of countries where the phytosanitary cert. is enough documentation. I'm not quite sure how CITES works, but as far as I know with my google-based knowledge, all Nepenthes species are on the CITES list(?). 


    I guess this means that I will have to order from one of these countries in order to avoid headaches.. x) I guess that leaves that polish site out of the question. Don't seem to find any information regarding where carnivoria.eu is located on their site, but googling around it seems they're located in czech. I guess that leaves me with few options as to where to order from, but I think maybe Wistuba could be an option? 

    you are right in thinking that all neps are CITES listed. most are appendix 2 with a few 1's in there too. as for webshops, I think wistuba would be your best bet for nepenthes yeah. and heli's too if you ever take a fancy to them.  


    I have wondered about these restrictions sometimes myself and I wonder if you could route the parcel through say luxembourg (to pick at random), so it looks like it came from there and thus avoid the extra paperwork?

  12. thats a shame,mine has stacks of pitchers forming at the moment,but seems to loose them in the winter,strange how some plants do well for some and bad for others,

    I have a pair of plants, one is coming round I think, it's got some pitchers on the way and a healthy basal but the other just will not behave no matter how much I coddle it or neglect it or do whatever with .

  13. Hehe!

    Well, I'll do my best to keep you updated on how the plant looks in the months to come! =) If it's a ventrata I suspect it'll grow like crazy on my windowsill like the larger one I already have does! Thanks for being patient with me btw, I do appreciate it.

    On a completely unrelated topic: I'm considering aquiring another nep for my windowsill of horrors, and I was wondering if there are any more exotic looking species that could be grown on a sill? Would like something that looks different from the ventrata (and "alata") :)

    Well my personal reccomendations are either robcantleyi if you're a big spender, its slow but steady and reliable or if your pockets aren't that deep then fusca. Its an often overlooked species IMO, I've found that if you keep it well fed it'll grow fairly quickly.
  14. Nice plants! My neps have liked the heated terrarium, too. I just recently finished my terrarium heating system. A bit different, no heat mats outside of the tank but self-made 12 V heater units inside. I also have a Kuchingensis:



    I bet your tank is a bit more polished than my rough and ready design :wink: I like kuchingensis- it has lovely squat pitchers. i just hope mine looks as nice as yours one day :D

  15. I was just being sarcastic mate. Reason I asked for an elaboration was that you perhaps saw something which I didn't =p I'm sure you get a ton of these silly "identify my ventrata" threads on this forum, and I'm sorry to be yet another newbie bothering you guys with my questions. That being said, here's another silly question: What is the difference between an alata and a ventrata? How do you tell the two apart?



    Judging by this photo from borneo exotics, the ventrata seems to be hairy whereas the ventrata (at least the one in my posession!) is not. If I'm not mistaken, the alatas pitchers seems less 'pot bellied' as well. Additionally, the opening of the pitcher seems different than the ventrata. Bleh, this is confusing stuff!

    Sorry if I was a bit grumpy with you,bad day at the office for me and sarcasm doesn't travel well on the net.

    I'd genuinely love to be proved wrong here, literally every GC 'alata' a new person has posted since I've been here has been a x ventrata in reality which is the reason for my simian sceptiscism. As for bothering us with questions do feel free to do it again, asking questions is how we learn new things so even if it is a 'silly' question, ask away :smile:

  16. Well, judging by your constructive and helpful post - I'd say that's a definite possibility. Care to elaborate? 

    Regarding wether or not it's an actual alata or not, it doesn't really matter that much to me. So far the pitchers look slightly different from my ventrata - but as I understand it that may just be due to the young age of the plant. I see no reason for the nursery to lie to me though, since the plant was bought with a simple label reading "nepenthes". If they thought it was one of their ventratas they would've just said so. Then again, people make mistakes ^^; 

    seeing as my attempt at humour went straight over your head I think I'd better. It's widely known that all over europe x ventrata gets systematically mislabelled by the nurseries that mass produce these plants for garden centres as alata, hence my scepicism. hell my own ventrata was sold as alata