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  1. Hi Im from Essex uk I have been out looking to buy sphagnum peat moss but all I could find was live sphagnum so I picked up 2 bags what I know now is alot more them i needed. In one garden center they had the ready mixed stuff but I hear buying it that way works out alot more exspensive. Does anyone know any garden centers in Essex where I can buy sphagnum peat moss? If I cant find a local garden center i may need to look online but would rather buy from a garden center..
  2. Tell you the truth you are the first to say it to me but I guess you won't be the last. The only way is Essex to grow Cp lol Wow that is bad news my plants did fine I grow them on my window ledge. This year I have a lot more plants so don't think they will all fit on the window ledge now.
  3. Hi I'm Tony 27 from Essex England I have been growing Carnivourous plants for over a year now I started off with 2 plants. I said that's all I wanted now I'm up to about 15 plants of all different types of Carnivorous plants. I have been busy over the past week repoting most of my plants in to bigger pots, now just waiting to see if they start to grow. I have about 6 pots of seeds growing most of them have signs of growth.