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  1. Hello Melle, maybe it is a good idea to go to the intruduction topic good luck with your Tissue Culture!
  2. The sun is shining, only the wind is being a f***ing a**hole
  3. It's also very cold here. I had moved my plants to a warm windosill 2 weeks ago. just let them get used to the new conditions and give them gradually more water. Have fun!
  4. Yeah, I'm also going to the flower market. First meeting with real carnivora members. It sounds fun to see people from CPUK there.
  5. Nice mark! maybe post some foto's on carnivora?
  6. Hello Hidde, glad you can join this forum to !
  7. very nice Nepenthes, but it isn't very's one of the easiest Nepenthes-species. have fun
  8. My Winter is a bit of a suprise for me, this week it's above 15 degrees. Next week it's between -5 and 5 degrees
  9. thnx for the reactions! glad to see you here too chrass
  10. Hello, my name is Tijmen / blaasjeskruid18 and I like carnivorous plants a lot (duh) before I register myzelf here I was active in the dutch forum, called My english is awefull but I'm 14 and I now thanks to carnivora a lot about carnivorous plants. I hope to be treated equally.