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  1. I can't really remember where I read that, but something comparable was written in The Savage Garden: ''Some species of pings also have the power of movement. This is most often seen in species from temperate climates; it is almost entirely lacking in tropical forms. Over a period of a day or so, after the capture of substantial-size prey, the margins of the leaf, already upturned, may curve inward or over the precious food. This has nothing to do with capture but is believed to be helpful in preventing the digestive fluids from drooling off the leaf. Another possible explanation is that it helps prevent the victims from being washed away by the rain. Many butterworts can even ''dish'' their leaves under prey, giving their juices a convenient place to pool.'' gives another explanation though: ''For the most part, there is no motion in the leaves. However, the leaves do often dimple slightly underneath captured prey, possibly to create a little pool of fluid to aid in digestion. Also, and especially on temperate species, the leaves roll up on the edges. A few theories have been proposed to explain this, and perhaps two of the most intriguing are that the leaves may be curling up to keep marauding ants from stealing the captured prey, or to create a kind of tubelike structure along the edges of the leaves so that capillary action spreads the nutrient-rich bug juices over a larger amount of leaf area, enhancing nutrient absorption.'' I guess science still isn't sure why they do this
  2. Very late, but if I remember correctly they do it to prevent prey from being flushed away when it rains
  3. Hello, My Brocchinia recuta is almost flowering. Is it possible to get seeds from 1 single plant and how am I supposed to do that? I have read a lot of different topics but they are all saying something else. grtz, blaasjeskruid18
  4. I'm 14, 30 august I will be 15. The dutch forum has a poll, maybe a good idea to do that here as well?
  5. Gert is a very kindly man, orders from him are always healthy. He gives you bonus plants or discount if you gonna order from him. And he has a high reputation he wants to keep high ;) .
  6. I agree, You are gonna get exited by the pictures that others made.
  7. The weather was very cold and rainy here, but today it was suddenly very warm and sunny. The roots are growing out of the pot, so yeah... anyway, thanks.
  8. Hi all, My Brocchinia reducta needs to be repot. Do you have some advise for it? (for example: is it a good time for repotting or must I wait?) or just repot it as a normal carnivorous plant. I wanna put him into 50 : 50 Peat Perlite. thnx, blaasjeskruid18
  9. It was raining here now. I think for 4 hours. I have a lot of water now. The sun can shine!
  10. nut much here, yesterday there was here a monsoon, but only for 5 minutes. so yeah, I want rain.
  11. I'm from Sittard, Limburg, Netherlands
  12. do you now markde2e on this forum? He grows a lot of Heliaphora's on his windowsil. just look at here: ( it's dutch, but you can see the plant names and the pics are speaking for their selves. he grows's the biggest Heliaphora in 50/50 Perlite/Sphagnum)
  13. When I cutted my cactus, the soil was feeling very drie. The cacti grew 2,5 years in the soil. The tip about perlite is very helpfull, but the soil doesn't look like normal potting soil. but it is from a garden center.
  14. I just threw my little cactus away, that one on the last picture. I cut the big one: The soil was very dry, which was very surprising. I hope he would survive. When the cactus has dried I'm gonna plant it in a cactus medium.
  15. Just beautiful plants ther! And just a mini wall of Drosera regia there
  16. It is quite wet indeed, When I maked the foto's I gave them water. The last time was 4 months ago (It was a litte bit water, but maybe as you say it was too much this time). The substrate is a special cacti mix. I Think the big one needs amputation. Does the little one not die if I'm gonna give him a amputation? PS, the cactus on the last foto is 3 years old en the big one is even 7 years old.
  17. Hello, today I saw some cheap Cacti (€0,80 each) at my florist. I'm wondering what species they are, and what species my old cacti are. Here some pics: Cactus 1: Cactus 2: together: My old cacti (It isn't healty at the moment, just look at it. Has someone advise?) : Big momma : The others are growing normally, but any advise for better grow and/or more healty plants is welcome.
  18. The left one looks just like mine cactus!
  19. Sorry for bumping this topic, but can you give Brocchinia reducta the same care as Brocchinia hechtioides?
  20. It's smart to do that, I have done this already.
  21. Hello Melle, maybe it is a good idea to go to the intruduction topic good luck with your Tissue Culture!
  22. The sun is shining, only the wind is being a f***ing a**hole