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  1. Thank you all for the help!! No sure Andreas, ill do a little search and see if something pops up! I the mean time I've sprayed the plants with a product i had laying around that was given to me by a friend some time ago and that did wonders with another issue i had some time ago with the CP's, ill give it a shot, if no good result show i'll take different measures, or even more aggressive ones if needed!! I will also be changing the soil as soon as i can!!
  2. Well it's already dark outside but i will give it a shot!! Ok, took a pitcher in so i could take a few shots.... This is the state they leave the pitchers in This is one of the perpetrators
  3. Hello everyone!! I am in need of help!! Recently i have started to discover some strange bugs walking around my plants!! For a moment i thought they might be Aphids but the body shape doesn't match, as these pests are elongated!! They seems to hung around the older pitchers and leave a sort of whitish mark on the leaves!! Initially they were seen on the outside on a Sarracenia or two, but now they seem to be popping everyone and I've even seen a few on the inside :S Any idea on what could be?
  4. Lovely!! I think you need a bigger greenhouse :)
  5. Wow!! My eyes took sometime to adjust lol, but Wow, great display!!
  6. I enjoyed the video Richard!! That F26 is quite the looker!!
  7. Malvo

    Id please?

    Cheers dimitar!!
  8. Malvo

    Id please?

    Hi there!! I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand!! I've got a really bad picture of a orchid i was hoping you guys could ID for me, as i don't have a clue what it could be. Thank you!!
  9. I wish i could keep everything so neat and tidy!! Lovely plants :)
  10. Great plants Max, even without that strong sun, they still look lovely :)
  11. Amazing!! :) Well like you have said it look dangerous so it should be given a cool and sort of menacing name like... Nemesis (with that impressive size it would be the nemesis of allot of insects) Kraken (due to the long leaves, long like tentacles that are trying to reach something from under the soil) Graboid (from the Tremors movie , again the tentacle thing from under the soil) Edit: Just one more from a movie reference... Sandworm (from Dune) Well that's it for now :)
  12. Great shots!! Great plants :), those Regias look impressive!!
  13. Malvo


    Thanks for the help Eden, ill probably cut a few off as well, so it doesn't strain the plant to much, I've done that a few times to Neps, never thought of doing it to cephs Thanks alot :)
  14. Malvo


    Hey guys!! This week i repoted one of my cephalotus, and everything was going fine for the first days, but now all the pitchers appear to be closing... I've read somewhere sometime ago that one of the reasons they close are lack of humidity... Since that doesn't appear to be the case, is it some sort of transplant shock? Thank you in advance!!
  15. Very nice Gaz, looks really nice and healthy! By the way, is it very stinky?
  16. I got to ask...what did you do with the perpetrator?
  17. Malvo

    Lowii at last

    Marvellous pitcher, great work Wiser, lots of love and patience :)
  18. Great plants Greg, those Byblis do put on a great show :)
  19. Will you keep us updated on the Sarracenia 'Brooks Hybrid' this year as well amar? Hope so, it is a beast!!