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  1. Thanks for the info, Vince. I didn't think it would be as long as that, but with a fairly fine mist, I suppose so! I will do a write up depending on my success! Still in the experimental / money spending phase at the moment! Cheers, Mike.
  2. Hi Vince, I am just in the process of making a (smaller) copy of this fantastic set up. I wonder how long do you water the plants via the automatic pump system? And are the spray nozzles set to mist or more of a fine spray? I'm going to be using about 50W of GU10 LED lights for a 45cm tall by 30x30 terrarium and intend to cool it at night using a peltier cooler to just cool the air. If I get it working and have success I'll post a thread about it. Cheers, Mike.
  3. Hi Blocky, Now I //really do// like that but I don't think the missus would be too impressed. Though it does have a lot to recomend it - it has a built in overflow at about the right height? And doesn't need loads of soil either. Nice. Cheers, Mike.
  4. Hello everybody, I've just joined the forum, though I've been keeping CPs for a few years. Saracenia, VFTs and some Nepenthes - all inside in south facing windows... I'm thinking of a Belfast sink to go outside as a bog garden this year, into which most of the Saracenia will migrate. Cheers, Mike.