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  1. Hi, I'll keep this topic updated until I get the resent parcel.
  2. 2017/07/11 UTC+8 Parcel arrived, all plants are in good condition. No more complaints. ================================================================================================== 2017/07/05 UTC+8 updates: The resent parcel was posted on 2017-07-03, and has left Poland on 2017-07-05 ================================================================================================== 2017/06/29 UTC+8 updates: OK, Mekk of has contacted me, I'll keep update this topic updated until I get the parcel. ===========================================
  3. In your 20 years experiences, do you have any idea how your regia or greenhouse would be like when the day temperatures reaches above 35℃ (air temperature, not in the greenhouse), and night temperatures stay above 25℃ for several weeks? The picture above is a history record for a costal city(northern latitude 30°) in mainland China on July 2014.
  4. “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Asia & Pacific”
  5. I received this plant labelled as 'BCP Z11'. I've heard Z11 is one of BCP's best giant clones. Currently, this plant grows really long and thin petioles, and looks weak in my opinion. So I'm wondering if I get the correct clone?
  6. LOL... There's a grower in my country already distributed one of his seed grown plants under the name 'Titanic'. Steve, how about the name 'Hulk'? It's a name I planned to use on my own. But the candidates do not impress me this season. I personally think your plant is better described under this name. Big, strong and green :)
  7. imonyse

    Drosera regia

    I think he means you living in a cool climate(with natural cool nights, no matter how hot it is when the sun is shine upon your greenhouse in a clear day), that makes you feel Drosera regia, Cephalotus and Darlingtonia are easy to grow. While others in warm climate don't. Many plants are tough when grown in climates similar to their natural habitat. In cultivation, easy or hard only means the gaps between your growing environment and the plants' habitat. And it makes sense to save a plants' energy from flowering when they are stressed.
  8. Updates, oreophila are the first to grow! An unkown hybrid's flower: Sundews: And flytraps:
  9. All pitcher plants and flytraps survived. I relocate and rebuild the bog recently, since there are too many pigeon droppings in my original place. Photos of flytraps below are taken before I rebuild the bog: Here's the new bog, gonna make it look better when I have time:
  10. So, I decide to figure it out by myself. The bog is done, and we shall see how my hardy plants continue with our winter.
  11. I have a south facing garden that will receive 7-8 hours ( about 09:00 ~ 17:00 ) of direct sun during the growing season. But a building sitting in front of my house will create shade during the coldest months ( can get as low as -17c at night, with day temperature stays below freezing sometimes ) in winter. Wind is often not a problem as the strongest winds are from the north, and my house will create good protection. I have read Carl Mazur's blog (, and planning to build something similar. I would mulch my bog with pine needles, but worried about been frozen solid f
  12. 22 days after sowing, 6 days after the first germination.
  13. FredG, I've read your posts on ICPS forum, and it's a undrained tray, isn't it?
  14. Seeds were bought from Trev, and sow on March 11, 2013. With 2x T5 light bulbs, 12 hours per day, some seeds just begin to germinate. As I don't care about their parents, I mixed all packets of seeds, and they are sowed in one pot. Will update this thread about once per week, until all seedlings grow for about 3 months. Hope you enjoy watching these lovely babies growing like me
  15. Cool pots, I think it should be OK to use in a greenhouse. But I generally don't use black color pots outside