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  1. There is some really good information here, thank you for all your help. :-)
  2. If you sell, or trade a carnivorous plant, if the buyer wants it sending, how do you go about doing this? I don't think it would be practical to send the plant by Royal Mail, or even by courier, because the carnivorous plant would get wrecked or killed in transit. Does anyone have any information please?
  3. I have found a CFL bulb to provide artificial lighting for my Nepenthes pitcher plant, it is a Philips Tornado energy saving 106 watt bulb, with 106 watt output, but only 23 watt usage, would this bulb be suitable to provide artificial lighting for my pitcher plant? If you want to have a look at what my pitcher plant is, to ensure that this sort of light is suitable, if you click on my profile name, there is a photograph of it in my profile. Any good information would be very helpful.
  4. Fantastic, I'll ensure it is kept at a high temperature, what sort of lighting do they like? Can they be grown under artificial lighting conditions. If so what bulbs are good for them?
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    Photographs of the carnivorous plants I care for.
  6. From the album: My Carnivorous plants

    The pitcher plant my brother gave me as a present for Easter. I am really happy with this. Fantastic present, I will take really good care of it. :-)
  7. Hello and Happy Easter. My brother has given me a Nepenthes pitcher plant for Easter, I have done a bit of research, and I have learned a little bit about the plants. I was wondering whether anyone could give me some care information please? I know that you water them with rain or distilled water, I am looking for care tips like temperature, lighting conditions and whether or not they need a hibernation period in winter? I couldn't attach a photograph of the plant to this post, however if you click on my profile name, you can have a look at it on there. Any good information on this ca
  8. Barnardos is a charity that works to protect both boys and girls throughout the United Kingdom. This particular campaign was aimed specifically at ensuring that young girls who are abused and sexually exploited, see better justice. Barnardos do numerous campaigns. A future campaign, could be aimed specifically at boys, or at both boys and girls. This isn't the only campaign they have ever done.
  9. I agree, young boys who are abused, should be protected in the same way and should see the same sort of good justice, as young girls who are abused should start to see, if the British government strengthen this law. The government are reviewing this law at the moment, one thing you could do, is write a letter to the Prime minister, and your local mp. Suggesting that this law is further modified and strengthened, so that young boys who are abused and sexually exploited, see much better justice as well. I hope this helps.
  10. The petition has been sent off, hopefully this will help to convince the British Government to strengthen the law, so that young girls who are sexually abused, and sexually exploited see better justice. I would like to thank everyone who signed the petition. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who pledged their support for this campaign.
  11. Why not? I am a member of this Carnivorous plant forum, furthermore, this forum is an open forum where you can talk about anything (General chit chat area). What I have written is not harmful or offensive. For this reason, I don't see any reason why this sort of post cannot be posted here. Besides I'm trying to gain support for a campaign that is being run by Barnardos, and signatures for a petition to try to get the government to strengthen the law so that girls who are abused can see better justice. I believe that by trying to gain support for this campaign, I am doing a very good and posi
  12. I currently volunteer for a charity called Barnardos, they are UK charity that work hard to protect vulnerable children across the UK from poverty, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence. At the present time, Barnardos are running a campaign to try and get the government to strengthen the law so that people who sexually exploit, groom, and take advantage of young girls and teenage girls, are punished more severely, so that the girls who have been abused can see better justice. Please sign the petition: All the signatures are going to be s
  13. Some really interesting photographs, they have some fantastic effects and are really pretty.
  14. Dormancy is good in the winter, in the summer, they get all the sunlight and heat they need. But in the Spring and Autumn, the temperature isn't the ideal level for Venus flytraps and pitcher plants to grow to their full potential.
  15. I'm only really interested in going to the EEE carnivorous plant show. In fact if I can go to France, attend the show, and return home the same day, I will be happy. :-)
  16. I would have thought that a heat mat would be good for providing the venus fly traps with the conditions they need. I have done some research on the Internet, and the ideal temperature for a venus fly trap is between 20 - 25 degrees.
  17. Will it be a trip where we are going to the carnivorous plant show, and returning to the UK the same day, or will we be staying overnight?
  18. Thank you Ian, I kindly appreciate the information. Does anyone know whether a fully grown venus fly trap will respond well to a heat pad being under it, or will it kill the plant?
  19. If you are growing carnivorous plants, and you are trying to recreate the environment they live in. When you are looking to give the carnivorous plants the heat that they experience in their natural habitat. One method I have thought of is a heat pad, they are economical, (14 watts), however I don't know how a fully grown venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula), or pitcher plant seeds, will take to heat coming from underneath through the roots. I don't want to kill my carnivorous plants. Has anyone had any experience using a heat pad on a carnivorous plant? If so, is it safe? and have you got goo
  20. Whether the plant emits the UV light to attract and catch its prey, or it just reflects UV light in the same way as a green leaf reflects green light. Carnivorous plants, will have probably evolved to be able to have the ability to be able to attract its prey using UV light. Just like humans will have evolved to be as smart and as clever as they are. So plants have a clever feature to attract its prey, whereas humans are smart enough to bait animals, so they can be hunted.
  21. I didn't realise that other plants use uv light to attract insects to their flowers for pollination purposes. From reading the article I thought it was just the carnivorous plants just used uv lights to attract prey. I suppose the carnivorous plants using uv light to attract their prey, is only the same as when humans hunt animals and use bait to attract them to be hunted.
  22. I read the article, I think it is very fascinating. I always thought that carnivorous plants attracted its prey with a scent, not a fluorescent light.
  23. I decided to invest in a proper LED grow bulb, hopefully my venus fly traps will like that. Does anyone know how far the bulb needs to be from the venus fly traps to get the most benefit?