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  1. There are growers in Wales who use tap water, ian in neath uses tap water ...
  2. Just go on ebay and buy some carnivorous plant compost - peat abd perlite mix there are loads for sale
  3. And if the flowers have been pollinated some plants will sulk big time
  4. Why on earth did you not sow the seed on carnivorous compost in a pot and placed in a warm sunny spot? All the information online would tell you to do this.
  5. Looking good, you will have to post some more pics especially directly face on so we can see the shape and colours
  6. It's a tuberous drosera looks pretty much like stolonifera
  7. It's no an ideal situation but I pull of plenty of crowns by mistake, quite often I just poke them in to the soil but moss just a better choice
  8. They can and do root easily I prefer to pot them up with moss around the rhizome ...
  9. The grow bark pine the last bag I bough it only mentions grow bark in a small printed text on the side, down the length of the bag.
  10. I do not think your melcourt mix is correct last time I spoke with Mike he told he had changed the mix to 1 part melcourt 1 part perlite 1 part small granite grit. I used his first receipe (cannot remember the mix) which several sarracenia died and dionaea looked really rough, he said it was too heavy for the dionaea and I needed to pot them lightly. I have done small trial and the sarracenia are growing fine. I have not tied dionaea in the revised version I have been told to try. so David is this the mix you are using Mike has advised to use?
  11. I had plenty of pollen from mine and have splashed it around a bit and pollinated the plants also.
  12. Agreed rain water is best but if your collection is small you can buy RO water from an aquarium shop just ask for very clean water with a reading below 100 but closer to 0 is better. You will be surprised how much water you will need so plan a head before buying lots of plants.
  13. Have you tried lbs horticulture or bhgs horticulture ? or look up a horticulture wholesaler for your area
  14. Depending on the make you should be able to lose then the screw controller part so that the winow will not open unless the temps get really warm, on mine you push the window open and losen the controller.
  15. Where did you buy this chemical as I cannot find it for sale in the uk
  16. I found the topic He suggest two from the Melcourt range. You could ask Melcourt who sells or find a local horticultural wholesaler or try bhgs horticulture
  17. I thought it was the Melcourt Growbark pine®-pine-p-1471.html I cannot find the topic where Mike advises of his mix. Also he uses two sizes of grit fine and coarse
  18. The sarracenia is juthatip soper x leucophylla
  19. Can anyone advise me what coir the cp Society uses or recommends
  20. They have only just started taking orders again. I have bought loads from them and will be making more orders again very shortly. Great plants at very good prices. I would if you are awaiting them the supply you some owed plants, email them to remind them instead of moaning on here. they are only human.